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Easy Accessibility with EZ Access Pathway Ramps for Wheelchair

Buy EZ Access Ramps and Other Accessibility Solutions at Broadway Medical Supply

The advancement in medical science has brought a humungous relief for people in various ways. Dealing with health issues, especially when it comes to mobility issues, and finding solutions that can bring back your confidence and allow you to explore the world without human assistance freely is what Broadway Medical Supply focuses on. With EZ Access wheelchair ramps, stairs, platforms, customs, and other accessibility solutions, it is now possible for patients to move floors comfortably.

Whether for mobility limitations or industrial and commercial purposes, EZ Access Pathway ramps, stars, and platforms provide durable and quality solutions for easy movement. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer EZ Access products that cater access to modular buildings, portable classrooms, site-built structures, and more. The products come with features that include slip resistance, easy installation, and customized configuration options to meet the diversified needs of the audience.

Types of Accessibility Solutions at EZ Access

EZ Access Ramps

For a person using a wheelchair, ramps provide easy movement along with stability and comfort. Besides people with mobility, EZ access pathway ramps are beneficial for carrying weights on wheels that can get difficult for an individual to carry alone. You can customize the ramps to different widths to easily carry products of different dimensions and weights. Ramps are also available for different story levels for better mobility. A few types of EZ Access Ramps at Broadway Medical Supply are:

  • Multi-story Ramps
  • Wide Ramps
  • EZ Access Wheelchair Ramps

EZ Access Stairs

Having stairs allows you to reach the entrance of your building, hospital, heightened vehicle, etc. It can be difficult, especially if it’s difficult to reach. EZ Access stairs offer various options to customize durable stairs in height, width, and length. The sturdy legs of stairs come with hardware free handrails that lock in place with snap buttons. Different stair options EZ Access provides are:

  • Osha Stair System
  • Multi-story stairs
  • Pathway HD Code Compliant Modula Access System

EZ Access Platforms

Stairs and ramps combined with platforms can provide a complete accessibility solution. A durable platform comes with fully independent and adjustable legs with handrails for adults and kids. Combining platforms can create a deck and portable walkway as needed. The platform is made of aluminum, making it ideal for every environment. There are platforms available for residential, industrial, and commercial use. The few types of EZ Access platforms available at Broadway Medical Supply are:

  • Platform Decking
  • Access Platform

Why Choose Broadway Medical for EZ Access Ramps and Other Accessibility Solutions

EZ Access products, including stairs, ramps, platforms, and more, are not limited to medical use. Broadway Medical Supply is an authentic dealer of EZ Access ramps, stairs, customs, platforms, and many other accessible solutions. The products and services are crafted with utmost precision and are useful for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The aim is to improve functionality and accessibility with products that are safe and of durable quality.

At Broadway Medical Supply, we ensure to provide top-notch products and services that can help different medical and non-medical requirements of a person. We focus on delivering products that are easy to install and have high configuration options. Whether you are looking for an EZ Access wheelchair ramp, mobility equipment like canes, rollators, or other medical supplies like incontinence diapers, medical shower chairs, diagnosing machines, etc., we cater to all your needs with precision and prompt action. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are EZ Access Ramps Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Yes, EZ Access ramps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer customized solutions for configuring ramps and chairs that allow the ramp to fit exactly where you want with much effort. The ramps will allow the patient in a wheelchair to easily slide without fear of falls as the ramps are made slip resistant for complete security.

  1. Can EZ Access Wheelchair Ramps Be Adjusted to Different Heights?

When it comes to mobility difficulties, the focus must remain on providing comfort to the extent we can to the user. Broadway Medical Supply offers EZ Access wheelchair ramps with adjustable heights for a person using wheelchairs to move anywhere independently. It also has handrails for kids and adults to get extra support and security while using the ramp.

  1. Can I Use EZ Access Pathway Ramps for Temporary or Permanent Installations?

When installing ramps, especially for residential or construction site purposes, the ramps won’t be required forever. Broadway Medical Supply, along with EZ Access, provides ramps with temporary and permanent installation types. Both the temporary and permanent accessibility solutions come with different configurations that are free for customization as per user needs. Where you are placing the ramp also adds to the customization features of the EZ Access ramp.

  1. Can I Rent or Borrow a Wheelchair Ramp for Temporary Use?

Investing in buying ramps can sound irrelevant when there is a need for only temporary ramps. To cater to the temporary EZ Access wheelchair ramp needs, Broadway Medical Supply allows you to rent the ramp, stairs, platforms, and other accessibility solutions at a price that adds value to your mobility needs with quality that meets industry standards.