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The power of independence has the power to boost the healing of a patient, especially when there are mobility restrictions. A Harmar stair lift provides easy and comfortable mobility solutions to aid patients with improved lifestyles and freely move anywhere. With various features and easy stair lift installation, Harmar mobility provides access solutions from one floor to another effortlessly.
A renowned dealer of Harmar wheelchair lifts, Broadway Medical Supply adds better service and top-notch quality with every ambulatory product delivered to your doorstep. The focus remains on prioritizing patient health and providing various solutions to improve lifestyles. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer products ranging from wheelchairs, lifts, beds, canes, mattresses, ramps, and others that help the patient be self-dependent and allow caregivers to manage the patient's health needs better.

Features Of Harmar Chair Lift

1. Compact: The use of chair lifts, especially at home, can be challenging if they are big and designed only for commercial purposes. Harmar lifts are available in a compact size for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The lifts are easily installed and mounted on stairs, allowing the person with mobility issues to move floors without needing to climb stairs.

2. No Grease, No Mess: The rail on which the stair lift sits has high durability gear, which carries all the weight smoothly. No grease or any other form of lubrication is needed as the gear itself does all the work. This means there is no mess on using the stair lift.

3. Power Less Trips: The Harmar lift has an electric power of 24V AC that allows efficient lift functioning. The best part of Harmor lifts is that they can even provide up to 60 trips without electricity. This feature design is for power outage situations and helps not stop you from moving wherever you want, anytime.

4. LED Armrest: The chair lift has an armrest with an LED light. The light is incorporated to signal the patient when the lift is ready to use, preventing sudden jerks and falls and providing complete security.

5. Increased Comfort: Harmar focuses on serving safe and comfortable mobility for everyone. The Harmar stair lift comes with a padded backrest to provide cushioned support to your back. The seat swivel also allows you to rotate at different angles, making it safe to climb and get off the seat easily. It also has an oversized footrest to provide stability when the chair lifts.

6. Better Safety: With comfort comes safety. However, there are additional features that ensure complete safety when using the Harmar lift. It has a retractable seatbelt, key lock, and folding rail for added security. Every feature added is with utmost precision, keeping in mind the user's safety.

7. Warranty And Peace of Mind: Every Harmar mobility lift comes with a warranty, which ensures the quality and durability of the product. The limited lifetime warranty allows you to purchase the product from Broadway Medical Supply without considering it. The quality provides peace of mind, and you can freely use the lift.

Types Of Harmar Stair Lift at Broadway Medical Supply

1. Outdoor Harmar Stair Lift: As the name suggests, the lift is for outdoor purposes and comes with rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality to allow stop lift immediately, if needed. The seat cushion is made of marine grade vinyl and has a weatherproof cover. It has an extruded aluminum track for custom length.

2. AC Straight Stairlift: The straight stairlift is for indoor use and gets mounted on stairs rather than a wall. There are controls on both ends of the stairs that operate on 115V AC household current. It has a speed of 20 FPM with a track length of 15’9”, which can extend up to 25’. These lifts are not for outdoor places.

3. Harmar Pinnacle Stairlift: It is the industry’s most compact folded lift with a symmetrical design with all needed safety features. It provides complete comfort and offers 40 trips during a power outage. The wide worm gear offers better security and foot sensors to detect obstruction.

4. Harmar Pinnacle Heavy-Duty Stairlift: The pinnacle stairlift has an 85° seat swivels at the upper landing, allowing easy dismount. It requires low maintenance and has operating controls on the armrest. It, too, has an LED armrest and plush upholstered seat for comfort. The footrest has an added safety sensor that can stop the lift if it meets an obstruction.

5. Premium Pinnacle Stairlifts: The premium pinnacle stairlifts are an advanced version of the pinnacle model. It's narrow and can fold up to 10.5”. It is extremely smooth and offers quiet rides with 60 power outage trips. It has additional features like a key lock, additional rail, and a folding rack for more precise use.

Factors To Consider When Buying Harmar Lifts

1. Mobility Needs: The need is the first factor to consider before buying a Harmar stair lift. Whether you need it for external or internal locations plays a major role in deciding the type of lift chair you choose. Other than that, the severity of mobility issues will also help you choose from the various options of lift chairs.

2. Weight Bearing Capacity: Each chair has a different weight bearing capacity and offers a different range of options that you can choose from. Generally, the lift chair at Harmar offers weight capacity of 250 lbs., 350 lbs., and 600 lbs. with

3. Features Needed: The features in the lift chair you will need depend on the mobility requirements. Consider the following features available in Harmor stair lift for better living:

  • Key lock
  • Extra rails
  • Obstruction sensors
  • Motor brake
  • Lockable battery
  • Audible alert system
  • Incline limits

4. Drive System: Harmar mobility equipment usually comes with either of three drive systems:

  • Cable drive
  • Helical worm gear
  • Patented nylon polymer hear rack
The drive system decided the smooth functioning, lubrication free, and mess free operations while using the heavy-duty stairlift.

Why Buy Harmar Mobility at Broadway Medical Supply

Broadway Medical Supply is a leading supplier of Harmar Stairlift and other mobility equipment like wheelchairs, canes, rollators, ramps, etc. We ensure to cater to various health requirements of the patient and simultaneously relieve the caregiver's burden with products that bring high independence to the user. Broadway Medical Supply curates every piece of equipment and service with high precision and a keen eye, keeping the security and safety of users in mind. Broadway Medical Supply helps you improve your lifestyle and take a positive step towards better living.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

1. How Much Weight Can a Chair Lift Hold?

A chair lift at Broadway Medical Supply is available at different wight bearing capacities. Most Harmar chair lifts can bear 250 lbs, 350 lbs, and 650 lbs. Depending on the need, you can get some features customized.

2. How Often Should Stairlifts Be Serviced?

Harmar stairlift comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which increases the durability of the lift. It would help if you got the stairlift serviced once a year to ensure smooth and efficient functioning. At Broadway Medical Supply, you get the premium service of Harmar mobility lifts in just a single call.

3. Do Stairlifts Work Without Electricity?

Yes, Harmor lifts work without electricity also. The stairlifts offer 40 to 60 rides when there is a power outage. This design is specially designed for premium lifts and adds value without interrupting your movement during power cuts. Broadway Medical Supply is the leading supplier of pinnacle stairlifts with power less trip features.

4. Can I Rent a Stair Lift Instead of Buying One?

Broadway Medical Supply offers various mobility equipment along with Harmar stairlifts for rent. This allows you the freedom to use and return the product without a second thought. The service offered is of premium quality, along with products that help improve the user's independence and lifestyle.