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MedMizer Bed Options: Active Care, Hospital Beds and Allcare bed

Buy Customized Medmizer Bed at Broadway Medical Supply

A comfortable bed is not limited to just a good sleep. It can add a lot of value for people with mobility needs. From empowering patients to live a comfortable life, it also provides great aid to caregivers and speeds the recovery process. Medmizer bed provides effective solutions for various mobility needs with high-quality and customized bed options, whether for home or hospital. Broadway Medical Supply, along with Medmizer, helps you add different accessories to your bed to help you experience better sleep.
An authorized and exclusive dealer of Medmizer hospital bed and other body relaxing products, Broadway Medical Supply focuses on delivering top-notch medical products that add to the comfort and ease the lifestyle of the convalescents. Our range of products, like wheelchairs, medical furnishing accessories, transfer boards, adjustable beds, IV pole , and others, provide better mobility and confidence for the user, making them self-dependent to a large extent.

Type Of Medmizer Beds at Broadway Medical Supply

1. Medmizer Active Care Bed

Getting in and out of bed can be difficult for people with mobility restrictions. Active care beds are fully rotational and come with adjustable designs that allow patients to easily transfer themselves in and out of bed without much effort. They have an easy SafeTurn system with additional features available in adjustable height. There are three models of Medmizer Active Care Bed you can choose from:

  • Deluxe Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed
  • Standard Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed
  • Fixed Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed

The features of an active care bed are:

  • Height: 12.4” to 28.3/4” (castor option)
  • Load surface: up to 600 lbs.
  • Sleeping surface: 36" or 42" W x 80"L
  • Optional accessories: mobility bar, foot rolls, battery backup, side rails, digital scale, mattress options, etc.

2. Medmizer All Care Bed

Specially designed for bariatric patients, the Medmizer All Care Bed is the first in-market expandable bed that gets to floor level for complete support to the user. It has a wider surface and clinical contour bed that helps keep skin comfortable and allows better body repositioning. It reduces the chances of falls and has an advanced positioning system with one push button for Trendelenburg positions.
The features of all care bariatric beds include:

  • Height: 3.6” to 25”
  • Load surface: up to 600 lbs.
  • Sleeping surface: 35", 39", 42" W x 80"L (84"L optional)
  • Optional accessories: night light, bed extender, battery backup, trapeze, rails, etc.

3. ComfortWide Bariatric Low Bed

A movable bed that’s comfortable and easy to assemble is perfect for patients with bariatric needs. A ComfortWide Medmizer bed is ideal for virtually every patient and comes with a cardiac chair that is expandable to 48”. The bed offers a clinical contour feature that reduces skin shear and an optional scale to weigh the person using the bed.
The features of a Comfortwide bed are:

  • Height: 9” to 25” (30” optional)
  • Load surface: up to 800 lbs.
  • Sleeping surface: 35", 39", 42" W x 80"L
  • Optional accessories: night light, 4”- 8” bed extender, battery backup, trapeze, staff controls, etc.

4. Retracta Bed

A bed that easily retracts when you want to access the sides of your bed protects the patients from falling or getting injured. Retracta Bed has a lower footprint, an expandable bed to 42”, and clinical contour to provide the patient a comfortable experience while using the Medmizer bed. SureLock for added safety and Evac position allows the bed to pass through doors less than 36” wide.
The features of a retracta Medmizer bed are:

  • Height: 9” to 25” (castor option)
  • Load surface: up to 500 lbs. (600 lbs. option available)
  • Sleeping surface: 35", 39", 42" W x 80"L
  • Bed length: 71” to 80” retracted and 85” extended
  • Optional accessories: night light, SureLock, floor bumper guard, trapeze, etc.

5. Select Care Bed

If you want a hospital bed to match the style of your home, Select Care Bed is the perfect solution. Merging the benefits of the Medmizer bed with aesthetics helps patients feel more comfortable and guilt-free while using the patient bed. It offers versatile use and is not limited to mobility issues only. Broader widths, clinical contour, and stylish finish make Select Care Bed a blend of style and functionality for your home.
The features of Select Care Bed are:

  • Height: 10” to 25”
  • Load surface: up to 600 lbs.
  • Sleeping surface: 6"/39"/42" W x 80"L
  • Optional accessories: night light, scale, 2 or 4 rails, 4” bed extender, staff controls, etc.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for A Medmizer Bed

Considering health, no one compromises and wants the best service for the user. Neglecting the quality of products will aggravate the health conditions and increase the risk of further damage. Medmizer beds at Broadway Medical Supply are the best solution for added security and 100% comfort when selecting patient beds. We offer beds with various features and customization to help aid the user's needs and improve his functionality and lifestyle. A variety of bed options for home are available for rent at the offline and online Broadway Medical Supply store.
Besides the Medmizer bed, you can explore a range of ambulatory equipment, clinical supplies, medical furnishing, housekeeping products, hospital appliances, and other medical supplies. Broadway Medical Supply provides an experience that makes users feel confident and independent while enjoying a quality life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Medical Bed?

Regular mattresses are not for use with a medical bed. Medmizer hospital bed has an adjustable bed that fits the size and shape. The design fits the contours of the bed and body to provide complete relief and comfort when in use. Broadway Medical Supply allows you to customize your bed and mattress for health needs.

2. How Long Do Medical Beds Last?

The Medmizer bed is made with utmost precision, considering high functionality and durability for patients. Broadway Medical Supply understands that medical beds are a one-time investment and hence provides top-notch quality that lasts for years and offers services for repair. Depending on the use and medical needs, you might have to replace just the medical bed mattress.

3. Can I Assemble a Hospital Bed Myself, Or Do I Need Professional Installation?

Installation of different Medmizer beds comes with a user manual with all the instructions to assemble and use the hospital bed. The user manual has easy-to-understand steps and will allow you to install the bed once you read it completely. Broadway Medical Supply, the authorized dealer of Medmizer products, offers technical assistance with installation and is available on call whenever needed.

4. What Is the Best Position to Sleep on a Hospital Bed?

The best position to sleep on a hospital bed is with legs elevated above heart level and knees bent to allow better circulation and head raised. While it can be difficult to maintain this sleep position on a regular mattress, the Medmizer bed allows the perfect contour bed to adjust at different angles and provide complete comfort to the patient. Broadway Medical Supply offers customized Medmizer beds and mattresses to help you sleep well.