Medical Equipment Rentals at Broadway Medical Supply

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Medical Equipment Rentals at Broadway Medical Supply

Having access to an array of medical supplies in the comfort of your home is what we all need. Even better is when the costly and huge equipment is available for rent. Much of the medical equipment, like wheelchairs, hospital beds, lift chairs, etc., is required for short durations and is not a permanent requirement. Renting becomes an easy and accessible option for improving the user's lifestyle without investing in permanent purchases. Broadway Medical Supply offers medical equipment rental that sells different mobility and medical supply equipment that eases the patient's day-to-day life with complete comfort. It's time to upgrade to the best medical supplies and start living confidently with medical equipment on rent.

Different Types of Medical Equipment on Rent

Hospital Bed Rental

There can be many health conditions, surgeries, or accidents that can demand complete rest. A hospital bed rental solution offers all the needed care a patient might require during complete bed rest. A bed is not only about sleep but should offer comfort and relaxation and induce faster recovery. There are a range of beds, from manual to electric, with and without attachments that increase the efficiency of the bed and make the life of patient and caregiver quite simple.

All Care Bed

With all-around support and a wider sleep surface, All Care Hospital Bed Rental offers reduced falls, advanced positioning options, and additional features for complete safety.

Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Beds

Electric hospital bed rental for bariatric patients comes with a 54” large sleep surface and can easily bear a weight of 1,000 pounds. The bed has easy-to-reach controls and an emergency manual crank for comfort and safety.

Medline Hi Low Full Electric Hospital Bed Rental

A fully electric bed goes as low as 9.5”, preventing the risk of falls. It comes with a quiet motor and a pendant remote control to adjust the height and features of the bed.

Wheelchair Rental

A medical wheelchair is required to enhance the mobility needs of the user. It becomes great equipment for bariatric patients and those who have undergone surgery, have certain health conditions that make it difficult to walk, etc. The wheelchair rental range offers different wheelchairs with engineered experience to ensure smooth and safe transport. It helps reduce the strain on your body, directly promoting quick healing.

Transport Wheelchair Rental

An ultralight and durable wheelchair is perfect for outings with a caregiver. The wheelchair, made using high-grade aluminum, has a 300-lb weight capacity and a comfortable armrest that allows users to relax while traveling.

Zippie Folding Wheelchair

A wheelchair rental solution for kids, the folding design makes it easy for your child's changing needs and fits easily in tight spaces for transporting in vehicles.

Probasics K2 Standard Hemi Wheelchair

The most versatile wheelchair rental solution on the market, the Hemi wheelchair offers dual axles for height adjustments and has all the standard features needed for an improved lifestyle.

Lift Chair Rental

When it gets difficult for a person to shift from sitting to standing positions, it can decrease their confidence and make them depend on a caregiver for simple tasks. The lift chair rental range offers the perfect solution to bring back confidence and live freely with their remote-controlled chairs. The customization option allows quicker relief if you suffer from back pain, arthritis, muscular-skeletal conditions, have undergone surgery, etc. A doctor is the best person to guide you with the perfect medical equipment on rent based on your health conditions.

Active Care Standard Bed

Standard Rotating Bed offers an adjustable sleep surface with a safe turn feature. It has optional accessories like night light, foot rails, mobility bar, etc., for increased safety.

Lift Chair Dual Motor

Lift chair rental with dual motor offers infinite positions that allow you to comfortably rest your feet, back, head, and shoulders in an ideal position. With personalized solutions, it can bear a 400lb capacity of weight.

Pride Power Lift Chair Recliner Rental

The Pride Heritage Power Lift Chair Recliner Rental solution is the first in the industry to offer hand control with a USB charger port. The unique spring design and wooden frame provide the comfort and durability needed. The scissor and quiet mechanism with many additional features make it a great rental option for healing.

Vitrectomy Chair Rental

Vitrectomy surgeries involve the retina and vitreous and require somewhere around 3-4 months of recovery period. A proper resting chair helps heal faster from the surgery. Renting a vitrectomy chair allows easy use and comfortable sitting while eating, working, or resting. The face-down chair completely relaxes your back and neck and offers adjustable features. The foldable design of the chair makes it easy to transport and requires no setup manual.

Knee Scooter Rental

The injured leg requires complete rest to recover from the damage. Whether due to a sprain, fracture, surgery, amputation, etc., a knee scooter rental service will help you avail an easy maneuverability option for daily activities. With a deluxe braking system and padded leg support, the knee scooter is durable and comfortable for long hours of use. With a removable basket and adjustable features, the knee scooter has a lifetime warranty.

Breast Pump Rental

Mother’s milk is the primary nutrient source for your child. Maintaining adequate production for a lactating mother is essential. Being available always can get difficult due to many commitments, and a breast pump rental machine can bring a lot of ease. The breast pump allows you to extract milk during the INITIATE and MAINTAIN program. It even helps heal mastitis while inducing regular milk production. The multi-user breast pump is ideal for at-home use and works well throughout the lactating journey of a new mother.

Ice Machine Rental

Ice machine rental device works as a pain management solution after an injury or surgery. It works on every body part easily. The machine circulates ice-cold water through a pipe attached to a universal pad. The pad can be attached to the body part that needs cold compression to relieve pain and swelling and induce faster recovery. Rather than using ice or ice packs, the ice machine helps by going in deeper layers, which speeds up the recovery process. The machine has a 6-liter water capacity with LCD light and tactile buttons for a better user experience.

Drive Medical Hip Chair

Post-hip surgery patients require around 2 to 8 weeks of rest to recover and start walking properly. During the recovery phase, giving proper support to the hips is crucial. Under the medical equipment rental section, the Medical Hip Chair works as a perfect solution for supporting your hips. The sitting is comfortable and doesn’t bend around the hips. It has a padded armrest for comfort and a solid maple hardwood design.

Renting Vs. Buying

When it comes to medical supplies, there is always the question of whether to rent or buy. Large medical equipment can cost a lot to your pockets, especially when needed for some durations only. In such scenarios, going for the medical equipment on rent becomes a feasible solution. Firstly, the lease investment is low, and secondly, the monthly payment system doesn’t require you to pay only for the period you use the equipment. Buying becomes a great option when the price ratio is directly proportionate to the duration of use.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Medical Equipment Rentals

Quality of life is every person's right regarding medical conditions or financial liabilities. Understanding the importance of investing in top-notch medical supplies aids a better living with confidence. It is not always feasible or needed to buy medical equipment, so renting can solve many problems. Broadway Medical Supply's range of medical equipment on rent brings you access to top medical products with uncompromised services for different products. Whether you want to rent wheelchairs, hospital beds, lift chairs, or other heavy-duty equipment with personalized features, we offer solutions to all your problems. Serving the medical industry for more than 30 years, we take pride in delivering locally owned and home medical equipment all over the United States that helps you build an independent and improved lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are the Benefits of Renting Over Buying Medical Equipment?

Buying medical equipment is an expense, especially when the need is for a set period. Medical equipment on rent allows you to access the benefits of the equipment without paying the full amount. Instead, you pay a rental amount for a particular time you use the medical equipment, making it an ideal choice rather than buying. Other than cost, another benefit of renting is that you have the liberty to upgrade or switch if needed based on personal experience and needs.

2. Which Medical Equipment, If Rented, Reduces Overall Cost?

A lot of medical equipment on rent helps you reduce the overall cost. The cost of buying equipment and using it for the duration of recovery can overall be a huge investment. Instead, a small investment in renting proves a better deal. Equipment like hospital beds, recliner chairs, wheelchairs, breast pumps, etc., can provide a better solution when rented. For any equipment you require for a short duration and the cost is proportionately higher than the time of use, going for medical equipment rental solutions is always much more feasible.