IV Poles and Stands Selection: Securing IV Support

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Whether you are looking for a simple, affordable IV pole or a solution that can be easily stacked to save space or carry heavy loads, Broadway Medical has a solution to meet your needs. Made from high-grade stainless steel, our IV stands are strong, durable reliable and ensure a continuous, uninterrupted supply of medicine to those who need it urgently.

Features Of IV Pole

1. Easy Maneuverability

One of the most important benefits of our IV poles is they make it easy for nurses and other medical staff to transport IV therapy accessories from one location to another within the healthcare facility without interrupting the patient's treatment.

2. Versatility

Some patients may require multiple treatments or therapies in hospitals or healthcare centers. In such cases, an IV stand with multiple hooks can be convenient for doctors and nurses. Our IV stands are equipped with hooks or attachments to hold infusion bags, allowing healthcare professionals to accurately regulate the flow rate and administer the necessary medications.

3. Stability

Stability is important for IV poles since they sometimes need to hold heavy fluid bags. Our IV poles have a wide base and are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that a heavy infusion bag can be safely transported, thus safeguarding patients and medical staff.

4. Durability

A medical IV pole is often subjected to wear and tear as it is frequently shifted from one room to another within the hospital premises. Our IV poles are made from stainless steel or aluminum, which ensures the pole's longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

5. Convenience

During treatment, patients require medications. If there are many medicines, multiple carts may be required, which can cause inconvenience for medical personnel. Our IV pole is equipped with trays or baskets for easy storage of medical supplies.

6. Cable management

In a healthcare setting, ensuring a safe environment is paramount for the safety of both patients and healthcare providers. By incorporating cable management features into our IV poles, we ensure a tidy and organized treatment area which is invaluable in busy healthcare settings.

7. Easy Assembly and Dismantling

Quick assembly and disassembly are crucial in fast-paced healthcare environments. Our IV pole stand is designed for quick setup, which not only saves time but also improves the efficiency of medical procedures.

Types of IV Stands Available at Broadway Medical

IV Stand 2-Hooks 4-Leg Chrome Plated Steel with Weights

If you are looking for a stable and versatile IV stand, our two hooks 4-leg Chrome plated steel with weights is ideal. The standout feature of these IV stands is the inclusion of weights which improves stability and prevents unintentional tipping, especially when larger or heavier IV bags are being transported, which can cause the stand to become unstable.

IV Stand Floor Stand Pitch-It 2-Hook Three Leg

Are you tired of struggling with outdated and cumbersome IV stands that hinder your ability to provide high-quality patient care? Consider using our Pitch-It 2-Hook Three Leg IV pole stand. These IV stands are easy to set up and adjust, which means they can be effortlessly maneuvered from one room to another, enhancing the efficiency of healthcare workers.

Mckesson IV Floor Stands

Manoeuvring medical equipment quickly and efficiently is vital for healthcare professionals and caregivers. With dual wheel Nylon casters and an aluminum base, McKesson IV stands offer smooth and silent movement, allowing caregivers to transport IV stands effortlessly across different floor surfaces. The combination of sturdy construction and caster mobility elevates patient care by facilitating easy adjustments and maneuverability. McKesson IV stands come in various configurations.

Factors To Consider Before Buying IV Poles

If you go to the market to purchase a medical iv pole, you will likely get overwhelmed by the different options and configurations. Here is what to look for while buying one.

Material: IV poles are made either out of Chrome or stainless steel. While Chrome may seem like a better option as it looks more aesthetic and is inexpensive, it is more likely to break down. On the other hand, stainless steel will maintain its structure and shine for many years.

Top Style: Many top styles are available depending on the number of IV therapy bags that can be attached. You can get an IV pole with two hooks, four hooks, six hooks, and even eight hooks.

Base Style: Choosing a good base style is important as it will determine the stability of the intravenous pole. Select a base depending on the number of infusions pumps you intend to use. Some common base styles are 3-leg base, 4-leg base, 5-leg base, and six-leg base.

Castor: There are different types of castors available in the market, such as Chrome casters, Nylon casters, aluminum casters, rubber wheel ball bearing casters, and plastic casters.

Additional Features: A modern iv pole comes with additional features like detachable wire baskets that can hold medical items like notebooks, clipboards, and files. Some poles come with a laptop stand so that healthcare professionals can input electronic data while administering treatment simultaneously.

Benefits of Buying IV Poles

Stability And Mobility: IV poles provide a stable and secure platform for IV bags, pumps and tourniquet, ensuring they are taut and undisturbed. The wheeled base allows healthcare providers to move the entire setup along with the patient effortlessly.

Patient comfort: IV poles allow patients to receive fluids and medications while sitting or lying down without needing to hold the IV administration set constantly. This not only promotes patient comfort but also reduces strain on their arms.

Accurate infusion: IV poles ensure the IV bags are at the right height and position, which is critical for accurate and controlled infusion rates.

Why Choose Broadway Medical for IV Poles

We at Broadway Medical have been supplying medical equipment like IV start kit and IV poles for 30 years. We supply a wide variety of IV poles and accept special orders as well. Along with providing medical equipment, we also offer after-sales service. Our main aim is to help you provide the highest level of comfort, safety, and independence in your healthcare facility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do You Adjust the Height of an IV Pole?

There are different ways to adjust the height of an IV pole stand. Most IV poles have a twistable or push-button mechanism near the top, which can be used to change the height. To adjust the height, activate the mechanism and lift the pole upwards or push it downwards. Once you reach the desired height, lock the pole in place. This can be done either by pressing the button again or, if it is a twisting mechanism, by twisting it to secure the position.

2. Are There Portable or Wheeled IV Pole Stands?

Yes, portable or wheeled IV pole stands are available in the market. They consist of wheels for easy movement and an adjustable pole that can hold multiple IV bags at different heights. Some poles may also have additional features like hooks, clamps, and holders for attaching medical equipment or accessories.

3. How Do You Assemble and Set Up an IV Stand?

To assemble and set up an IV pole, first unpack all the components. Then, securely attach the base to the pole using the screws or bolts provided and extend the pole to the preferred height. Once that is done, attach the hooks or accessories for holding infusion bags and other equipment. The IV stand is now ready for use.