Alarm Sensor Pad for Bed: Floor Mat & Bed Sensor Alarm

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Alarm Sensor Pad for Bed and Floor Mat Alarm

Alarm Sensor Pad for Bed and Floor Mat Alarms installed in healthcare sectors help keep an eye on patients even when the nurse is away. The alarm system works by ringing a sound and vibration, which alerts the nurse to come for help. The floor mat alarm aids an anti-slip surface if the patient gets down without support. For caregivers at home, the alarms help better care for the patient. Different types of alarm systems help ensure complete patient care.

Benefits of Alarm Sensor Pad for Bed and Floor Mat Alarm

Alerts Caregiver

The simplest benefit of the alarm is that it immediately alerts the caregiver or healthcare professional about the patient’s discomfort. The alarm sensor pad placed perfectly with the alarm mat and bed helps detect movement and send an alarm sound to the caregiver.

Monitor Falls and Injuries

The floor mat and bed sensor alarms have sensor pads that detect patients' movements. On detection, the sensor signals the alarm and the monitor. The alarm signals, in advance, allow the caregiver to come into the room and prevent the patient from falling and meeting injuries.

Extra Protection for the Elderly

The elderly and those with dementia can greatly benefit from alarm sensor pads and floor mats alarm. It helps keep track of their activities and even allows them to call for help when needed. The anti-slip alarm mat offers stability when the patient tries to stand.

Types of Alarms

There are different options of alarms available as per your needs and patient requirements - 

· Alarm Sensor Pads

· Floor Mat Alarm

· Bed Sensor Alarm

· Alarm Pads for Bed

· Chair Sensor Pads

· Door Alarm System

Why Buy an Alarm Sensor Pad for Bed and Floor Mat Alarm from Broadway Medical Supply?

Considering patients' health and safety, ensuring that the medical supplies meet security and safety standards is essential. An alarm is basic ambulatory equipment that helps alert the nurse and healthcare professional, preventing mishaps. Broadway Medical Supply caters to various alarms and other ambulatory equipment to ease the patients' lifestyles and bring a sense of comfort.