Knives and Scalpels

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Knives and Scalpels for Having Precise Cut During Medical Procedures

The knives and scalpels are used by healthcare professionals and surgeons to perform surgeries and other invasive procedures. These instruments are used in medical settings to make precise cuts in the body, which help to remove the damaged tissues. These surgical knives and scalpels are available in different shapes and sizes for effective and précised use during the procedure. Made from stainless steel materials, it ensures that they can be sterilized before and after the procedure for safe practices. 

Types of Knives and Scalpels

1. Scalpel Handle

The scalpel handles are a particular type used to hold the surgical blades while performing surgery. The handles are designed to provide a comfortable grip to the surgeons which allows them to have precise control of the surgical blade during a cut. 

2. Surgical Blade

The surgical blade is a blade that is fitted into the scalpel handle. It is made from stainless steel and has a sharp edge that helps the surgeon make precise cuts. 

3. Scalpel Blades

These come in various sizes and shapes for their own surgical tasks. Some of the most common scalpel blades used in medical settings are #10, #11, #15 and #22. 

Benefits of Using Quality Knives and Scalpels


By using knives and scalpels in a surgical procedure it helps the doctors to make precise cuts with the least tissue damage. Having a precise cut is essential especially in delicate surgeries like neurosurgery, ophthalmic surgery and microscopy where accuracy is very important. 

Controlled Cutting

The surgeons can control the depth and the direction of the cut which helps them to navigate around the critical structures safely. Using these instruments gives the doctors an idea of the depth and direction which is essential especially for minimizing the risk of having complications. 

Reduced Trauma

Compared to the traditional cutting device like scissors, the knives and scalpels cause less trauma to the surrounding tissues which also leads to faster recovery time and minimum post operative pain. 


The knives and scalpels are made from stainless steel scalpel handlesthat help the doctors to sterilize them pre and post the surgery for ensuring the patients' safety. 

Why Choose Knives and Scalpels from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Knives and Scalpels play an important role in helping surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures with accuracy. Having superior quality knives and scalpels helps the surgeons and doctors perform the surgical procedures with precision while also ensuring the safety of the patients. Having a quality instrument provides a smoother surgical procedure while also increasing the overall efficiency in the operation room. Broadway Medical Supply offers a broad range of high-quality medical instruments aiming to enhance the medical industry.