Wound Closure: Buy Steri Strips, Butterfly Closures, Suture Tray, and Removal Kit

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Wound Closure: An Essential Aspect of Wound Management  

Wound closure is essential to promote quick wound healing. If it is not done correctly or too loose, there are chances that the wound may dehisce or open up, causing infections or even complications like scars or distortion of the surrounding skin and tissues. Proper wound closure with skin closure strips prevents infections and provides the wound with the sterile environment it needs for quick healing.  It also promotes airflow to the wound, thereby preventing skin maceration i.e., softening of skin due to prolonged exposure to moisture. 

Types And Applications of Different Types of Wound Closures  

Wound Closure Strips 

Also known as Steri strips, they are small adhesive bandages used to close or tape up small wounds. They are non-invasive, which makes a good wound closure option when the severity of the wound doesn't necessitate the use of stitches.  

Butterfly Wound Closures 

They are a high-quality alternative to staples or sutures for minor wounds. They hold the skin in place just like sutures but do not stick to the skin, thereby ensuring patient comfort.   

Sutures and Staple Removers 

Sutures and staple removers are designed to enable quick removal of skin staples from wounds. They are ergonomically designed for maximum control and exceptional performance. 

Suture Removal Kit 

A suture removal kit is a sterile kit for storing all the necessary components to remove sutures. It is made from plastic that provides a sterile field and prevents cross-contamination.    

Wound Closure Kits and Trays 

They are designed to keep all wound closure instruments and supplies such as polybags, fenestrated drapes, alcohol prep pads, gauge sponges, metal forceps, scissors, needle holders and Haemostats within hands reach of surgeons. 

Why Buy Wound Closures From Broadway Medical Supply 

Wound closure strips are an essential medical supply that helps ensure quick healing and safe medical practices. Broadway Medical Supply offers all needed essentials of wound care including wound kits and trays that ensure safe and efficient practices. You can even avail a wide range of other medical supplies for enhanced and premium services for the patient.