Indicators and Medical Signage: Equipment Tags, and Pre Printed label

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Medical Signage and Indicators for Operational Efficiency 

Medical signage and indicators might be small things, but they are of great importance in the healthcare sector. Whether it is tags and labels or signs, using them appropriately helps avoid confusion and makes identification tasks easy. With more operational efficiency, the focus is diverted to premium patient service, which results in better recovery and quality assistance. While there are many signs and label options, knowing the uses and applications of each is ideal for the hospital staff and the patients to ensure safety. 

What are the Types and Uses of Medical Signage and Indicators? 

Warning Oxygen Tags 

Oxygen cylinder equipment tags help mark the equipment to allow the nurse or healthcare provider to be informed about the status. The tag contains full, in use, and empty tags for the oxygen cylinder. This helps to monitor and replace oxygen cylinders as needed. 

Door and Wall Signs 

Door and wall signs include no smoking indicators. These signs help allow visitors to know that there is an oxygen supply in use and that smoking can lead to fatal events. Being cautious around these signs helps maintain security. 

Room ID Flags 

Exam room ID flags have 4 colored flags that help understand the status of operations in a particular room. It can be attached to the wall and labeled with a marker or pre printed labels. This will allow visitors or healthcare professionals to know if they can enter the room. 


Medication Labels 

The hospital needs to cater to various patients and requires different types of drugs and medications to offer quality treatment. While storing these drugs carefully is crucial, using medication labels helps bifurcate and easily identify each drug when placed. It even helps to know the details before giving the medication to the patient. 

Pre Printed Labels 

Pre printed labels contain warning signs, medicine specifications, dosage, quantity, and other crucial information that the doctor might need before giving any dose to their patients. 

Blank Labels 

Blank labels can be used to mark details on collected blood samples, patient bags, kits and trays, and other medical equipment. It allows for easy segregation and avoids confusion when needing any particular medical supply. 

Identification Band 

Identification bands help understand the patient's details quickly. It is tied around the wrist of newborns, admitted patients, or deceased people for easy understanding and finding records related to that person. It usually contains the name, age, and patient ID. 

Why Medical Signage and Indicators from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Using medical signage and indicators in healthcare facilities becomes a vital need to ensure that all your services are uncompromised. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can avail yourself of a range of signs and labels that are water resistant and of premium quality. Whether it is labeling the medical supplies or tags for patient details, you can find everything needed at Broadway Medical Supply.