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Eyewash Solution: Crucial For Preventing Eye Injuries in Health Centres

The eye wash solution is a safe and convenient way to prevent eyes from damage while working in a healthcare facility or a clinical laboratory. While treating patients, healthcare workers might come in contact with spills, splashes, and harmful substances that can cause severe eye injuries or even blindness. Eye wash solutions purge the eyes of these irritants, thereby providing immediate relief from the burning and stinging sensation. They are formulated to be gentle on the eyes for long-term relief after use.

When Should an Eyewash Solution Be Used?

Knowing when to use an eyewash solution is important to protect your eyes from harm. You should use an eyewash when you encounter the following substances.

  • Acids: Acids like Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric acid are commonly used in medical facilities. Accidental exposure to these chemicals can lead to eye injuries. Eye wash solutions are highly effective at flushing them out of the eyes.
  • Alkalis: Alkalis like Sodium Hydrochloride is used in the medical field for various purposes. Since it is highly caustic, it can cause serious eye injuries. An eye wash solution can neutralize the harmful effects of alkali exposure by flushing out the eyes.
  • Biological agents: During their day-to-day responsibilities, healthcare workers might accidentally meet biological agents like blood or body fluids due to broken equipment or human error. These fluids might contain infectious bacteria or germs. Eye wash solutions can cleanse the eyes of these fluids for immediate relief.
  • Ionizing radiations: Medical staff or doctors in radiology departments can also be exposed to harmful radiation. An eyewash solution can rid the eyes of radioactive particles, reducing the chances of any eye injuries.

How to Use an Eye Wash Solution?

If you wear contact lenses, take them out first, as it will prevent the eyewash from thoroughly flushing your eyes. Besides using an eyewash station, there are two ways of using an eyewash solution.

With a Nozzle

If you use a nozzle, tilt your head back and open your eyes wide. Now squeeze the bottle and add the solution to your eye. Be careful not to touch the dropper to your eye. Flush your eyes till you get relief from the discomfort.

With an Eye Cup

If you are using an eye cup to flush your eyes, rinse the cup to eliminate any contaminants. After ensuring the cup is clean, fill half of it with the eyewash solution. Now, put the cup over the affected eye and tilt your head back so that the solution enters the eye. Move your eyeball around to ensure all parts of your eye get thoroughly flushed. Once your eye is clean, rinse the cup once again with clean water.

Why Choose Eye Wash Solution from Broadway Medical Supply?

Eye wash solutions are essential in a clinical laboratory where healthcare workers are regularly exposed to hazardous substances that affect the eyes. By removing chemicals, particulate matter, and biological agents, they reduce the severity of eye injuries. Broadway Medical Supply offers an eye wash solution with 98.3% purified water that thoroughly cleanses the eyes without causing any discomfort or post-use infections. Broadway Medical Supply also supplies mounted eyewash stations that allow for easy cleaning of eyes using the wash solution.