Incontinence Pants

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Incontinence Pants Offering Patients Comfort and Independent Living

Incontinence pants are made specially designed for individuals who are unable to manage the evacuative functions of urination. These pants have a huge role in managing these challenges. The protective unisex underwear is beneficial for senior citizens, patients with medical conditions, postpartum women, mobility issues. Individuals use these pants to provide hidden protection against urinary or fecal leakage as they can absorb and retain fluids to prevent leakage while providing comfort to individuals.

They are made from soft and stretchable materials, which provide comfort and flexibility throughout the day. They are designed to be worn under the clothes, letting the individuals perform their daily tasks without feeling self-conscious. Premium quality unisex protective underwear is a must for providing comfort to individuals facing incontinence.

Types of Incontinence Pants?

1. Knit Pant

Knit pants are incontinence garments and are extremely soft and stretchable in nature. The pants are made from materials like cotton and polyester. The protective underwear is made for people who experience very light to moderate urinary incontinence.

2. Protective Underwear

The Protective Underwear is ideal for individuals who experience moderate to heavy urine or fecal incontinence. Due to advanced absorbent technology, protective underwear can be worn for long periods. The unisex protective underwear is made from feel-dry technology, rapidly absorbing large quantities of urine. They are reusable and can withstand too many washes.

What are the Features of Incontinence Pants?

Comfortable Fabric

They are made from breathable and lightweight fabric, which makes them comfortable and, at the same time, convenient to wear throughout the day. The soft texture also lets airflow, reducing the chances of skin irritation.

Elastic Waistband

The pants have an elastic waistband, which helps the garment to be in place. Adjustable features like the elastic waistband and leg opening ensure the best comfort while being leakproof.

Discreet Design

The pants are designed similarly to regular underwear. It offers a discreet design that allows people to manage dignity without paying attention to their clothing.

Absorbent Layer

The knit pants have an absorbent layer that helps capture at the same time, locking moisture away while keeping skin dry and eliminating the risk of odor.

Easy to Use

The unisex protective underwear is easy to wear and reusable, ensuring convivence and cost savings in the long run. Incontinence pants are easy to wear and don’t require external caregiver support, offering patient’s independence and dignified lifestyle.

Why Choose Incontinence Pants from Broadway Medical Supply?

The unisex protective underwear and incontinence wear provides optimal comfort and discretion for people who face trouble controlling urine. They are effortless to put on, which makes it easier for the individuals to wear without needing any help. Whether knit pants or protective underwear, they offer users independence and quality of life. Broadway Medical Supply caters to all incontinence pants needs including liners, pads, pediatric diapers, and training pants. You can avail yourself of other incontinence supplies all under one roof.