Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware

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Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware for Hassle-free Lab Activities

Laboratory glassware helps enhance the efficiency of the medical sector by ensuring hassle-free lab operations. Medical labs require precision and reliability; thus, to ensure that the procedure is carried out safely and effectively, having quality laboratory glassware and plasticware becomes crucial. From sample collection to analysis and storage, every step of the diagnostic process relies heavily on the quality and functionality of these clinical laboratory instruments. Whether pipettes for precise liquid handling, centrifuge tubes for separating samples, or storage containers for preserving specimens, the significance of high-quality laboratory glassware and plasticware cannot be neglected.

What are the Applications of Different Laboratory Glassware


Purpose-built tubes for the safe and efficient collection of blood samples, the blood collection tube ensure minimal risk of contamination and accurate results in diagnostic procedures like blood chemistry analysis, blood typing, and disease detection.


These precision instruments enable accurate measurement and dispensing of liquids, which is critical for various laboratory tasks, including cell culture, titrations, and molecular biology experiments. Serological pipettes are designed explicitly for transferring precise volumes of liquid, while transfer pipettes facilitate the controlled transfer of samples.


Microplates, also known as multiwell plates or microtiter plates, are used for high-throughput screening, sample storage, and various biochemical and cellular assays. They feature multiple wells arranged in standardized formats, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple samples. Microplates are essential in drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and clinical diagnostics, enabling rapid and cost-effective analysis of large sample sets.

Slide Cover Slips

Coverslips and microscope slides are essential for preparing samples for microscopic examination. Coverslips protect delicate samples and prevent evaporation, while microscope slides provide a flat surface for mounting and observing specimens under a microscope. These tools are indispensable for diagnosing diseases, studying cellular structures, and identifying pathogens.


Vials are versatile containers used for storing and transporting small samples, such as liquid specimens, powders, and solid materials. They are available in various sizes and materials to accommodate different sample types and storage requirements, making them ideal for various applications, including chromatography, drug discovery, and environmental analysis.

Lab Caps and Closure

Lab caps and closures ensure a tight seal on sample containers, preventing leakage and contamination during storage and transport. These sealing solutions are crucial for maintaining sample integrity in applications such as tissue culture, microbiology, and biobanking, where sample quality directly impacts research outcomes and clinical diagnoses.

Beakers and Bottles

Graduated beakers provide precise volume measurements, making them indispensable for preparing solutions, dilutions, and reagents in quantitative analysis, chemical reactions, and pharmaceutical formulations.

Lab Racks and Storage Containers

Lab racks and storage containers are essential for organizing and safely storing laboratory glassware and plasticware. They help maximize bench space, minimize clutter, and reduce the risk of breakage or contamination by providing a designated storage area for each item. Proper organization and storage promote laboratory efficiency, workflow optimization, and sample traceability.

Why Choose Laboratory Glassware from Broadway Medical Supply

Laboratory glassware and plasticware cater to various applications and laboratory setups, providing versatility and flexibility for different research and diagnostic requirements. Broadway Medical Supply offers various options tailored to diverse laboratory needs. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure precision, accuracy, and durability, meeting and often exceeding the highest industry standards. You can even avail of other ranges of medical and laboratory supplies that meet excellence and professionalism.