Surgical Skin Marker Pen: Dual and Regular Tip

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Skin Markers for Smooth Surgical Procedures

Skin markers are a useful surgical instrument that doctors use before and during surgical procedures. The marker helps get a clear and précised incision before the surgery to avoid any mishap. Marking the correct surgery site ensures that there is no wrong incision, which can affect the patient's health.

Benefits of Skin Markers

Pro-operative Skin Marking

Marking the skin before and during the surgery is the most common step. Using the skin markers helps define the site for easy procedure without confusion for anyone in the operating room. The pre-operative skin marking allows for an undisrupted surgical procedure.

Ergonomic design

The skin markers are small yet very efficient. The different colors and tips allow for smooth use and pre-define the area before starting the procedure. 

Tips and Colors for Marking

While the surgical skin marker pen is mostly violet in color, different types of skin markers are available in different colors. Mammography orange mole marker, purple and orange nipple marker, fine, ultra-fine, regular tip pen, etc., are a few types of doctors' use depending on the type of surgery.


The surgical skin marker contains gentian violet ink, which is completely non-toxic and safe for the skin. It has antiseptic properties, which ensure that mixing ink with surgical procedures doesn’t cause any harm to the open site.

Long Stay Time

Compared to regular markers, the ink in surgical markers offers 10 times longer stay time. It often doesn’t require a remark during the procedure because of its properties.

Withstands Alcohol

Surgical procedures require alcohol agents to clean the site and maintain hygienic conditions. Skin markers can withstand the different chemicals and alcohol and don’t spread during the surgery, ensuring there are clear marks to define the area.

Why Buy Skin Markers from Broadway Medical Supply?

Choosing a skin marker with premium ink ensures that the skin is safe and there is no contamination during the surgical process. Broadway Medical Supply offers different surgical markers for easy marking and making the surgical process smooth and mistake-free. The quality of skin markers ensures that the ink doesn’t spread. Aside from markers, you can buy many other surgical instruments at Broadway Medical Supply for high-grade medical procedures.