Clinical Laboratory Accessories

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Clinical Lab Accessories: Vital For Efficient Diagnosis and Examination

Clinical laboratory accessories play an important role in hospitals and healthcare centres as they ensure healthcare services run as smoothly as possible. Without them, it would be difficult for doctors and nurses to provide high-quality, accurate diagnosis. Without the right accessories, medical tests would be prone to errors, which could affect diagnosis and prognosis.

What Are the Different Uses of Clinical Laboratory Accessories

Sample Cup

Sample cups are small containers used to collect and transfer bodily fluids for testing or other purposes in clinical laboratory. They are made of different materials like paper or plastic and come in various sizes and designs to suit the specific needs of hospitals.

Test Cassette

A test cassette is an immunochemical test kit used during a Hemosure test to confirm the presence of blood in faeces. Using a combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, it can identify haemoglobin in samples within 5 minutes of testing.

Urine Transfer Device

This single-use device is used to transfer urine specimen from a primary collection container to a specialized urine container for culture, analysis or other investigations.

Universal Viral Transport Vial

The universal viral transport vial is used to transport vials such as chlamydia, mycoplasmas and urea plasmas at room temperature. It is the only system in the world that can be safely stored and transported at temperatures ranging from 2 degrees-25 degrees.

Empty Microcuvette

An Empty microcuvette is used to store capillary, venous or arterial blood samples for the purpose of haemoglobin testing. The benefit of using a microcuvette is that it provides accurate results in under one minute.

Control Swab Set

A control swab set is a handheld device that detects Flu A+B, Group A strep and respiratory syncytial assays. It has a one hand functionality for ease of use which streamlines the testing experience.

Why Choose Clinical Laboratory Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Clinical laboratory accessories are important in healthcare institutions as they allow doctors and healthcare providers to accurately and quickly test body fluids for any signs of infections. Some laboratory accessories also prevent infections by ensuring healthcare workers do not come in contact with body fluids during testing. For e.g., sample cups are leakproof and airtight to prevent spills that cause infections in healthcare workers. Broadway Medical Supply offers clinical laboratory accessories that meet the highest standards of utility, performance, and reliability while ensuring quick diagnosis. Along with laboratory accessories, Broadway Medical Supply also offers lab equipment such as laboratory glassware and plasticware, test kits, specimen collectors, microbiology, reagents, and calibrators that improve the standard of treatment in healthcare facilities.