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Over-The-Counter Pain Relief Medications for Quick Relief from Pain and Inflammation 

A pain relief gel provides relief from pain. It works by targeting the main cause of the pain or by altering how the pain message travels to the brain. There are different types of pain-relieving medicines at pharmaceuticals including pain relief gel and tablets. While some relieve muscle and joint pain, others reduce the itching sensation associated with sunburns, insect bites, and minor scrapes. Menthol in this pain relief medication, also known as counterirritant, works by cooling and then warming the skin. 

Types of Over-The-Counter Pain Relief 

1. Pain Relief Tablet

A pain relief tablet contains medications that provide relief from pain, fever and inflammation. They are used to treat medical conditions like headaches, muscle pain, toothaches and joint pain.

2. Topical Pain Relief Gel

Topical pain relief gels are analgesics applied on the skin for relief from muscle, joint or nerve pain. Different types of topical pain relievers work in different ways. While some work by numbing the pain, others work by counterirritating the nerve endings under the skin.

3. Oral Pain Relief Gel

Oral pain relief gels relieve pain due to oral infections like tooth pain, canker sores, sore throat and gum injuries. The most common ingredient in oral pain relief gels is Benzocaine, as it provides quick relief from pain and discomfort.

How Pain Relief Gel Work? 

There are two ways pain-relieving gels work. The first is they numb the affected area so that you do not experience any pain. The second way they relieve the pain is by reducing the inflammation surrounding the affected area, which may also be causing the pain. 

Both of the above methods are effective at relieving pain. However, a small number of pain relievers also contain an ingredient with cooling properties. Upon application, they cool and soothe the skin till the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients get absorbed into the skin and kick into action 

Why Choose Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers from Broadway Medical Supply?

Pain relief gels are a great way to relieve discomfort after injuries, aches and muscle pains. Besides reducing pain, they also lower inflammation. They are also easy to apply on the skin and act quickly, providing immediate comfort for users. Broadway Medical Supply offers pain-relieving gels that are effective against all types of pain. Their quick action means that users get immediate relief from pain. Broadway also provides different kinds of pharmaceuticals that cater to different medical needs