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Patient Lifter Sling to Help Easy Transfer

Patient lifter slings are an essential medical supply that makes mobility easy for the patient and the caregiver. While there can be many factors that restrict mobility, allowing easy transfer from one place to another is possible using the correct transfer equipment. Using a full body sling or another sling as per the patient's needs helps ensure that the patient is comfortable and doesn’t face any injury while being transferred. Using the patient lifter compatible with a lift sling distributes the weight evenly, preventing strain on the body and aiding quick healing.

Things to Know Before Buying Patient Lifters Sling

Type of Sling Needed

Patient lifter slings are available in different types to help serve the patient's diverse needs. Considering the comfort is vital before buying the sling. Using a full body sling with or without head support is useful for those with weak bodies who cannot move. Using a seat sling or u sling works for those with strength in the upper body but the weaker lower body. A commode sling is also available that aids in performing bathroom activities easily without straining the body.

Weight Capacity

Whether using a reusable or disposable sling, considering the weight-bearing capacity of the sling is vital. Using appropriate slings prevents falls and injuries. Most of the slings have a weight capacity of 190 to 600 lbs. It helps bariatric patients comfortably adjust and transfer from one location to another.


Check the different features the sling offers. The material should be strong yet comfortable for the skin. Check for the number of cradle points for easy lifting. Consider if you need extra support and a padded sling to ensure comfort and safety.

How to Use Full Body Sling

Using a full body sling or any other sling requires patience and technique to ensure the patient doesn’t feel pain or discomfort. Follow the following steps to use the sling correctly –  

1. Slightly lift the patient and turn on one side. 

2. Slowly place the patient lifter sling, lay flat on one side, and rest the patient back in position.

3. Repeat the same procedure on the other side to ensure the sling is comfortably positioned and all cradle points are easily accessible.

4. Attach the sling to the patient lift and transfer the patient slowly.

Why Buy Patient Lifter Sling from Broadway Medical Supply 

When it comes to the safety of our loved ones, choosing uncompromised healthcare facilities is always a top priority. While mobility can hamper the individual's ability to perform activities, using different ambulatory equipment like full body slings and lifts helps support maneuverability. Broadway Medical Supply offers committed services with quality, keeping in mind the patients' health, recovery, and improved quality of life.