Test Tube Racks

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Test Tube Racks for Efficient Storage in Clinal Laboratories

Test tube racks are an essential tool used in clinical laboratories to hold and organize test tubes. It ensures that all test tubes are standing upright while performing experiments. Each hole holds a single test tube while helping the pathologists to arrange the tubes in rows and columns for easy organization. The test tube racks are made of long- lasting, durable materials like wood, metal, and plastic. Plastic racks are light in weight as well as resistant to chemicals, whereas wooden and metal racks offer durability. They are available in an array of shapes and sizes and are quite simple yet practical for usage in a clinical laboratory.

What are the Features of Using a Tube Rack?


The test tube racks provide a structured way to arrange as well store the test tubes after conducting experiments. The racks ensure the tubes stay on the bench. By placing the tubes in the tube rack, the pathologists can easily identify the samples.


The tube racks offer a stable place to place the tubes, which reduces the risk of spills, breakage of the tube, or contamination. This helps in creating a safe working environment by reducing the chances of accidents.


Tube racks are available in various configurations for placing different sizes and types of test tubes. This feature makes it easy to choose the test tube racks according to the need.


Test tube racks store all the tubes in one place which helps in organizing as well as handling multiple test tubes at the same time. This saves time as well as effort during sample preparation, experiments and data collection.

How to Choose the Appropriate Test Tube Rack?

Size and Capacity

Find out the number of test tubes that would be required along with a rack with can accommodate the tubes. After making a note of the required size and capacity, consider the number of tubes the rack will hold as well as the diameter.


Plastic racks are very light in weight and are also resistant to chemicals which makes it suitable for all applications. Whereas wooden racks provide both durability as well as give a classic feel.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Choose the tube racks that are easy to clean and maintain, as this will ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. Also, choose racks that have smooth surfaces as they are easy to clean.

Why Choose Test Tube Racks from Broadway Medical Supply?

Test tube racks are an essential tool in clinical laboratory, offering benefits from easy organization to stability. Their versatility as well as durability makes them a vital tool in research, clinical and educational studies, and laboratories. Broadway Medical Supply offers a wide range of clinical laboratory accessories which are made from the high quality materials. Along with test tube racks, Broadway Medical Supply also offers lab equipment such as glassware, pH indicators, chemicals, and solutions, which will improve the standard of treatment.