Chair Pads: Seat Cushion, Seat Back Cushion, Gel Cushion

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Whether you’re in office, working from the comfort of your home or banging out emails in a coffee shop, the last thing you want to do is squirm around to get comfortable. A seat cushion is the simplest and most cost-effective solution. Broadway Medical Supply provides stylish seat cushions that make your chairs and other seating furniture softer and more comfortable. Our seat pads are available in different designs, shapes and colours so you can use them to add a contrasting touch or perfectly match the colour of your table.

Features Of Chair Pads

  1. High-resilient Moulded Foam: The flexible HR moulded foam made from polyurethane provides optimum support and prevents uncomfortable pressure points, thereby providing long lasting comfort.
  2. Removable Zippered Polyester: The low-shear, vapor permeable and water-resistant zipper polyester makes our seat cushion easy to take out and clean.
  3. Non-slip Bottom: Our cushions have a non-slip bottom for stability, so they stay in place and do not slide easily.
  4. 12 Inch Tie Staps: The 12-inch tie staps on our cushions ensure a secure fit on wheelchairs, transport chairs and armchairs.

Types Of Chairpads Available at Broadway Medical Supply

Broadway Medical Supply provides different types of seat cushions, each with its own benefits.

Gel Seat Cushions

Our gel seat cushion is designed to boost your comfort and relieve pain by contouring to your body which improves the overall blood circulation. It is easy to clean so you never have to worry about restoring its shine when dirty. Even though gel cushions are the most expensive among all our cushions, they are worth the price.

Coccyx Cushion

Having a U-shaped design, our Coccyx cushion eases the pressure on your spine and tailbone, thereby relieving sciatica pain. Moreover, the donut design relieves stress from the sensitive areas of your body.

Seat Back Cushion

Get relief from back pain with our seat back cushions. Made from high-density polyurethane, it confirms the shape of your lumbar region and relieves backache. The breathable nylon cover has a smooth, low-shear texture you don’t feel any prick while wearing it. We also provide adjustable staps with our seat back cushions so that they can be attached to wheelchairs and other types of seating.

Swivel Seat Cushion

Our swivel cushion seat moves 360 degrees around its central axis to help rotate the hips and legs which allows you to get in and out of your car effortlessly. The nonslip base ensures it stays in place while you move out of your vehicle.

Pommel Seat Cushion

Our pommel seat cushion is designed to fill the concave gap naturally created when a patient is seated in a vinyl sling-style wheelchair. The convex bottom fills the gap thus providing a flat seating surface which stabilizes seating, improves posture and relieves sacral pressure.

Wedge Seat Cushion

Our wedge seat cushion improves your posture by raising your hips above your knees. This creates an inwards curve in your lower back which reduces stain on the back. We offer our wedge cushions in different heights, 75mm, 100mm and 125mm. They are covered in a durable airflow cover that can be easily removed for washing.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Seat Cushion

If you’re in the market for a new seat cushion, there are many things you should consider.

Brand Reputation: The reputation and brand of the manufacturer can tell a lot about the quality of the seat cushion. If the manufacturer has just entered the market or doesn’t have a strong presence, then it might be a risk purchasing from them. On the other hand, if a company has been around for a long time, you can be sure their cushions will be of high quality. If you are unsure about which manufacturer to buy from, do some research and read online reviews of different manufacturers.

Durability: Another thing you might want to consider is the durability of the cushion. It goes without saying that a seat cushion made of durable and high-quality materials will last longer than one made of low-quality materials. There are many different materials used to manufacture seat cushions, so it is important that you research the durability of the material you want to buy.
Another way you can gauge the durability of the cushion is to check the warranty. It can tell you a lot about how well the product is made and much faith the manufacturer has in their product.

Cover: Depending on your preferences, you might want a cushion with a removable cover. This makes it easier to maintain the cushion as you can effortlessly remove the cover and wash it. Don’t worry if your cushion doesn’t have a removable cover, you can always use a standard pillowcase.

Benefits Of Buying Chair Pads

Improved Posture: Seat cushions improve your posture by aligning your body with the natural curvature of the spine. Besides lowering your risk of developing backache, it boosts your energy and productivity.

Less Compression: Seats with a poor design can exert too much pressure on your hips, tailbone and coccyx. Over a period, you might experience chronic pain and exhaustion which can affect the quality of your life. A seat cushion evenly distributes the compressive force and protects the body from wear and tear.

Improved Blood Circulation: Blood circulation is restricted in your pelvis, legs and back due to compression of typical seats. Due to this, your tissues and muscles might not get enough oxygen which can slow down the excretion of metabolic waste. Moreover, poor circulation can make your heart work harder, compromising your cardio-vascular system.

Lumbar Support While Driving: A gel cushion can be a good solution if you experience lower back pain especially while driving. Yes, some car seats do provide comfortable seats, but they don’t provide enough support for the spine. Gel cushions are portable so they can be easily carried to your car.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Chair Pads

Broadway Medical Supply offers the widest range of chair pads in different colours, styles and designs. We also provide customized chair pads as per your requirements. By incorporating the latest fabric technologies in our chair pads, we ensure they provide utmost comfort and alleviate back and joint pain. We take immense pride in the joy that our products bring to our customer's lives.
Besides chair pads, we also offer other body pressure relief and positioning products like heel protector,body positioner and pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can A Donut Seat Cushion Be Used by People Who Have Undergone Tailbone Surgery?

Using a donut seat cushion is a great way to reduce discomfort after tailbone surgery. To get the most out of the cushion, make sure the centre hole is aligned with your tailbone and the pressure on the hips is evenly distributed and supported. Also take regular breaks during the day to stretch your hips, glutes and hamstrings.

2. Are There Specific Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions for Donut Seat Cushions?

Before using a donut seat cushion, ensure it is clean and free from debris and dirt. If it has a removable cover, wash it following the manufacturer’s instructions. If it does not have a removable cover, gently wipe the surface of the pillow with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry completely before the next use.

3. Are There Gel Seat Cushions Designed to Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers in Wheelchair Users?

Gel cushions are specially designed to provide maximum pressure relief and comfort for those in wheelchairs. By evenly distributing weight across the cushion surface, the gel reduces pressure on bony prominences, thus offering protection against pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.

4. What Is a Gel Seat Cushion, And How Does It Distribute Weight and Provide Comfort?

A gel seat cushion is a special type of cushion that is infused with gel that gives that makes it firm to the touch. By preventing the buttock muscles from compressing, it prevents pressure sores and relieves numbness. Moreover, by reducing tailbone, hip and thigh pain, it relieves sciatica and lumbar pain.