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Whether you are recovering from an injury, an athlete striving for peak performance, or seeking extra stability during your daily activities, knee braces serve as a valuable aid in promoting comfort and mobility. Knee braces have evolved significantly over the years to help recover from knee pain, with their innovative design incorporating advanced material and a deep understanding of human biomechanics. While navigating a wide array of knee brace options or seeking expert advice to choose the perfect knee support brace, Broadway Medical Supply has got you covered. 

At Broadway Medical Supply, we aim to provide you with a range of knee support braces specially designed to provide superior support and comfort. Our dedicated team of experts understands the significance of maintaining strong and healthy knees, as they are essential to our overall well-being and mobility. By opting for the best knee brace, you can confidently engage in the physical activities you enjoy, pursue your passion, and enhance your life quality. By partnering with Broadway Medical Supply, you can choose the right knee braces for your specific medical needs and take charge of your knee health journey. 

Features of Knee Support Braces

The best knee support braces at Broadway Medical Supply are meticulously crafted and offer a range of remarkable features catering to diverse medical requirements. Below are the remarkable features you can expect by opting for a knee support brace from Broadway Medical Supply. 

Adjustable Straps: The knee braces we provide have adjustable straps, making it easier for individuals to customize the fit as required. It allows you to ensure the comfort and support level with adjustable straps.

Compression Support: At Broadway Medical Supply, the knee braces are designed to provide gentle compression. They help to improve blood circulation, alleviate pain, and reduce swelling effectively.

Sturdy Construction: Knee braces are designed and constructed using high-quality material for durability and longevity. The sturdy construction ensures that your knees receive reliable support over time.

Open Patella Design: Many knee braces provided at Broadway Medical Supply have an open patella design. It significantly helps to relieve pressure on the patella while stabilizing the knee joint.

Breathable Fabric: We understand the importance of comfort while wearing knee braces. Hence, our provided knee braces are made from quality material that is breathable. It wicks away moisture, preventing discomfort while you wear the knee support brace for a longer time.

Types of Knee Braces Available at Broadway Medical

At Broadway Medical Supply, we understand that medical needs differ from individual to individual. Every medical problem requires a different medical solution. Hence, we provide a diverse range of knee braces that cater to a wide spectrum of medical needs and serve you with effective results. Here are some of the types of knee braces we provide at Broadway Medical Supply. 

Prophylactic Braces: These types of knee braces are specially designed to prevent injuries during sports and physical activities. Prophylactic Braces help to enhance the stability of the knee joint while protecting it. 

Functional Braces: They are commonly used for post-injury or surgery for support. Functional Braces allow a controlled movement during the recovery process. It efficiently offers stability to the injured knee and helps during the healing process. 

Rehabilitative Braces: During the healing process, rehabilitative braces limit certain movements of the knee joints. They are mostly used after significant knee injuries or surgeries to promote better healing. Rehabilitative braces protect the knee as well as promote healing during the recovery period. 

Unloader Braces: This type of knee support brace is designed to shift the weight away from the damaged portion of the knee joint. Individuals with conditions like arthritis often opt for unloader braces. 

Hinged Braces: Like other knee braces, Hinged Braces also offer both stability and flexibility. They are the suitable knee support brace option for individuals with ligament injuries or for those who require extra support during sports or physical activities. 

Moreover, there are various other Splints and Supports available for the upper and lower body. Along with Knee Support, you can opt for Ankle Support for support and stability. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Knee Braces

While choosing the right knee braces, one needs to consider several factors to ensure optimal comfort and support. At Broadway Medical Supply, our experts have shared the factors you should keep in mind while opting for a particular knee support brace. 

Consider The Injury Type and Condition: There are several types of knee braces available designed to address specific knee injuries or conditions. To choose the best knee brace, you can approach a healthcare professional and ask them to recommend a suitable one. 

Check Fitness and Comfort: You should check the size of a knee support brace while buying for effective support. Measure your knee size accurately and refer to the sizing guide provided by Broadway Medical Supply to find the right knee support brace fit. 

Look for the Level of Support: While looking for knee braces, you should consider looking for the level of support they offer. Depending on the knee injury or condition, some may need maximum support, while some may benefit from mild stabilization.

Ensure The Material Quality and Breathability: Always consider opting for knee braces that are constructed with breathable material to prevent discomfort due to sweating. The quality material ensures that you feel comfortable while wearing a knee support brace for longer hours. Similarly, look for features like adjustable straps that offer a comfortable wearing experience, allowing you to adjust the fit. 

Activity Level: You should consider your intended activity level when choosing the knee support brace. Understanding this aspect, choose the best knee support that accomplishes your need to withstand the demands of your daily activities. 

Benefits of Buying Knee Braces

When you choose the best knee brace from Broadway Medical Supply, you gain access to numerous benefits. Here is what you experience by opting for the best knee support. 

Quality Assurance: At Broadway Medical, the knee braces are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Similarly, the knee braces are tested to meet the highest quality standards.

Expert Guidance: We have provided ample information from our experts for every type of knee support brace. It assists you in selecting the most suitable knee braces based on your specific medical needs.

Diverse Options: At Broadway Medical Supply, you will get to choose from a diverse range of knee braces. Hence, you can find the right knee support that fits your specific medical needs.

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction by staying committed to our excellent customer service and high-quality products, ensuring that your experience with us is enjoyable and positive.


Why Choose Broadway Medical for the Best Knee Brace?

At Broadway Medical Supply, you will get your medical needs accomplished all in one place. We take pride in offering top-notch knee braces that cater to your knee injuries and conditions. Similarly, we provide numerous medical supplies and equipment that help you to cope with your medical conditions at home. Our dedicated team provides our valuable customers with essential tools and equipment to experience premium quality care and comfort. Here, at Broadway Medical Supply, you will find a variety of Splints and Supports, like knee support and ankle support, that will offer you more stability and comfort. By partnering with us, you will be working with professionals dedicated to patients' well-being. We provide medical products with premium quality, comfort, affordability, variety, and extended customer support that sets us apart. 

Reach out to us to get the highest-quality knee braces!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Many Hours A Day Should You Wear Knee Support?

You should consult your healthcare professional and follow the advice regarding the duration of wearing knee braces. A knee support brace duration varies depending on the condition or injury. Generally, wearing knee support during activities leading to knee staining and recovery phases is beneficial. 

2. Should You Wear Knee Support While Sitting?

Wearing knee support while you are sitting offers stability and support to the knee joints. It becomes helpful if you have an injury chronic condition or when you experience discomfort while sitting for a longer period. In case you feel uncomfortable with knee braces while you sit, you can remove them temporarily. However, you can take proper advice from the healthcare professional to determine the suitable condition for you.

3. Should You Wear Something Under a Knee Brace?

It is generally recommended to wear a thin, breathable layer under your knee brace to prevent irritation of the skin. Similarly, be sure to opt for moisture-wicking material to keep your skin dry and enhance comfort. 

4. How Tight Should a Knee Support Be?

A knee support brace should not be snug but not overly tight. While you wear knee support, it should provide proper support by maintaining proper circulation. If you experience tingling, numbness, or increased pain, the knee brace may need to be adjusted due to tightness. You can adjust the tightness at the right level, which is comfortable for you.