Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies: Blood Pressure Gauge, Cuff.

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Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies for Hospital and At-Home Use 

Diagnostic instruments and supplies play a major role in monitoring vitals regularly. Whether in the hospital or at home, keeping track of the body's health helps take prompt action if there are some changes. For those with diabetes, using a diabetes monitoring machine helps keep track of daily sugar levels, whereas stethoscopes, tuning fork, and other supplies help healthcare professionals perform a complete checkup. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle is possible by tracking health vitals regularly using diagnostic instruments and supplies. 

What are the Different Types of Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies 


Stethoscopes help healthcare professionals to hear body sounds, mainly of the heart, lungs, and intestinal tract. This helps them understand the basic functioning of a patient’s body and treat them accordingly. Aneroid, cardiology, and Sprague stethoscopes are a few available in the market that help a complete body check. 

Ear Speculum 

Ear speculums are lightweight, disposable, and a reliable instrument. An otologist - an ear, nose, and throat expert, uses a speculum to help analyze ear canals, mucosa, and tympanic membranes. The funnel-shaped speculum helps get a clear idea of the ears and plan the treatment accordingly. 

Diabetes Monitoring 

A diabetes monitoring machine is helpful to get an instant result of current blood sugar levels. It helps keep track of sugar spikes in patients with diabetes. 

Thermometers and Oximeters 

Thermometers and oximeters help check the patient's body temperature, pulse rate, and heartbeat. It is a necessary supply, especially after COVID-19, as it helps keep track of regular body functioning. 

Blood Pressure Accessories  

Blood pressure gauges and cuffs are accessories attached to the digital monitor, stethoscope, or manual machine to read your heart pressure. A reusable blood pressure cuff is durable and offers multiple readings without being damaged. 

Nose Clip 

Nose clips help to check the nasal passage. It works as a tool that helps easy access during septoplasty and other nasal surgeries. 

Other Diagnostic Accessories  

Various other accessories like a lancet, recording paper, battery, adapter, digital pen, bottle holder, eye chart, tuning fork, pediatric scale health, ultrasound lotion, floor scale, etc., help monitor different body aspects. Whether it is a patient’s weight, height, or any other vitals, all is possible with the right instruments and supplies. 

Why Buy Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies from Broadway Medical Supply? 

When using different diagnostic instruments and supplies, understanding choosing products with assured quality and reliable results is necessary. Broadway Medical Supply brings a wide variety of tested and uncompromised thermometers, blood pressure machines, and other diagnostic instruments and supplies for hospital and at-home use.