Mop Heads: Wet Mop Pads & String Mop Head

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Get Your Mop Heads For Effortless Cleaning

Bacteria accumulate rapidly on floors, particularly during cold and flu seasons. It's crucial to prioritize cleaning with mop heads to prevent spreading germs, as we regularly step on them. Whether for heavy-duty or regular use, mop heads can be easily cleaned between uses or replaced for convenience.

Things to know before buying Mop Heads?

Types of Mop Heads

Various types of mops serve specific cleaning needs in diverse locations. A rayon fiber string mop head is designed for commercial and industrial use to offer durability and easy cleaning. A wet mop pads with a microfiber layer, allows for optimal saturation and longevity, effectively capturing particles. A cleanroom tacky roller maintains cleanliness in controlled environments, removing particles from surfaces in industries like semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical production. It incorporates a special anti-microbial agent for enduring protection against bacterial growth.

Variety in Dimension

Explore a variety of mop heads tailored to meet distinct cleaning needs. The mop head pad, measuring 14.96 x 7.87 inches, offers versatility for effective cleaning. String mop heads, sized at 5 inches by 15½ inches, strike a balance between coverage and manageability, suitable for various cleaning tasks. Designed for controlled environments, tacky rollers with an 18-inch size ensure efficient particle removal in industries like semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.


The design of the floor mops allows for a wider spread, so you'll save time by covering more surface area in each pass not only remove dust from surfaces but also equipment in workplaces and keep them clean. With proper maintenance and cleaning, mop heads can last between 20 – 30 washes. In domestic environments, mop heads will need to be changed less regularly still.

Why to buy Mop Heads from Broadway Medical Supply?

The purpose of a mop head is to avail yourself with efficient and hassle-free cleaning. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer a variety of mop tools suitable for diverse locations, from households to industries and healthcare facilities. Explore our website to find high-quality mops that precisely meet your housekeeping needs. While you are confirming your order list, we also recommend purchasing a mop head cover for extended use and easy maintenance.