Specimen Collection Accessories

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Specimen Collection Accessories to Ensures Proper Collection and Handling 

Blood dispenser, gel pack, and other specimen collection accessories are vital to ensure the integrity of medical samples while they are being transported to a laboratory for testing. Mismanagement of samples and specimens can affect diagnostic outcomes, laboratory efficiency, hospital infection control, and patients' length of stay in healthcare facilities. It can also drive-up costs as the sample will have to be redrawn and retested. Using specimen collection accessories becomes a priority for laboratories for smooth and secure practices. 

Types of Specimen Collection Accessories  

Blood Dispenser 

In healthcare settings, working with blood samples can be unpredictable and messy. Technicians need to be extremely careful that no airborne contaminants or bloodborne pathogens enter the blood, as it can lead to pre-analytical variability or skewed results.   

One solution that can prevent such occurrences is a blood dispenser. It enables technicians to prepare blood slides from a blood collection tube without removing the stopper and exposing the blood sample to outside elements. A blood dispenser has a cannula that can be easily inserted into a blood collection tube. Once the tube is inverted and the dispenser is pressed against a slide, a drop of blood is released for smearing.  

Refrigerant Gel Pack 

Refrigerant gel packs are a critical element in the medical field as they ensure the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive biological products like vaccines and drugs. The gel is made from water, propylene glycol silica gel, or thickening agents and is sealed in a malleable bag. Refrigerant gel packs offer many benefits over other cold transportation methods. They are reusable, versatile, cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain and available in different sizes and shapes.  

Why Choose Specimen Collection Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply? 

The importance of specimen collection accessories cannot be understated. When specimens are not stored or transported properly, it can lead to issues that can affect the accuracy of test results. These issues can include contaminations, processing delays, sample degradation or even specimen loss. Broadway Medical Supply offers high-quality and reliable specimen collection accessories for pharmaceutical and medical products. These accessories ensure the safe storage of medical specimens like blood, urine and sputum so that accurate diagnosis can be obtained. Besides specimen collection accessories, you can even avail specimen collection kits and other clinical laboratory supplies for smooth functioning of hospital facilities.