Surgical Gloves: Latex & Non-Latex Surgical Gloves

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While performing medical treatments or procedures in a hospital or clinic, it is crucial to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and patients. Surgical gloves are essential in maintaining a sterile environment during surgeries, other medical interventions, or when treating a patient. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer an array of high-quality surgical gloves that meet the diverse needs of the medical industry. 

Being a trusted source for high-quality surgical gloves, we understand the critical role of surgical gloves to maintain a sterile environment during medical procedures. While offering a competitive surgical gloves, we ensure our commitment to providing a top-notch quality product that truly meets the stringent quality standards and regulations. Whether you are a healthcare professional or an individual seeking reliable protection, at Broadway Medical Supply, you will find various surgical gloves designed to cater to your medical needs.

Features of Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are one of the integral parts of infection control measures when it comes to healthcare settings. They act as a barrier between the healthcare providers and the patients to reduce any risk of cross-contamination and ensure their safety. At Broadway Medical Supply, our offered various range of surgery gloves are crafted with precision and offer a variety of remarkable features. 

1. Sterility

Whether surgical gloves or medical gloves, they are designed to be sterile. Our offered surgical gloves are manufactured and packaged under strict sterile conditions to prevent contamination. Hence, they are microorganisms-free and maintain the integrity of surgical procedures reducing any risk of infection. 

2. Material

At Broadway Medical Supply, surgical gloves are found in various materials such as latex, nitrile, vinyl, and many others. Each type of material serves its unique purpose and has different benefits. Surgery gloves made up of latex offer tactile sensitivity and elasticity. At the same time, non-latex gloves made with nitrile are an excellent alternative for individuals with surgical glove latex allergies. 

3. Dexterity

It is essential to have surgical gloves that are comfortable to fit during medical procedures. A loose fit disturbs intricate actions, whereas fit gloves can lead to discomfort and fatigue. Surgical gloves are a comfortable fit and have superior dexterity when healthcare professionals perform intricate tasks at hospitals or clinics. It offers ease in functionality while performing operations.

4. Powder-free

For the individual with powder-related allergies, powder-free surgical gloves are best. They eliminate powder-related allergies and reduce the particulate matter in the environment. 

5. Enhanced grip

Many surgical gloves have a textured fingertip surface to enhance grip, control, and tactile sensitivity. These surgical gloves ensure that you have a firm hold on surgical instruments, even in wet or oily conditions, and reduce the risk of accidental slippage. 

Types of Surgical Gloves Available at Broadway Medical

Understanding the unique requirements of the healthcare sector, we provide a wide range of surgical gloves at Broadway Medical Supply to fulfill diverse medical needs. The available gloves have different features and attributes to serve different purposes. 

Latex Surgical Gloves

Surgical glove latex is known for their exceptional tactile sensitivity and proper fit; thus, they are an ideal choice during intricate surgical procedures. However, one having latex allergies can opt for various other surgical gloves options. 

Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Being an ideal alternative to latex gloves, they are chosen widely for their remarkable features, such as superior puncture resistance and durability.

Vinyl Surgical Gloves

Like Nitrile, Vinyl gloves are latex free and are and cost-effective option. They are ideal to opt for short-period usage and situations when there is minimal risk of exposure to bodily fluids.

Powder-free Surgical Gloves

Powder-free gloves are designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and contamination. They are opted for procedures where powder particles could interfere with the surgical site.

Biodegradable Surgical Gloves

For individuals who prioritize environmental sustainability, biodegradable gloves are the right choice. They offer equal features as traditional gloves while being kinder to the planet.

Moreover, depending on the usage purpose, you can choose from the range of gloves at Broadway Medical Supply, such as Exam Gloves, Utility Gloves, Impact Gloves, Glove Liners, Finger Cots, and many more.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Surgical Gloves

Choosing the right gloves for medical personnel and patients ensures optimal protection and performance. Some factors you can consider before buying surgical gloves are as follows.

Material Compatibility: Ensure the material of surgical gloves is compatible with the specific chemical or substances you will encounter during the procedure. You can choose Nitrile gloves as they are more resistant to chemicals.

Proper Fit: Surgical gloves having proper fitting offer comfort and dexterity. At Broadway Medical Supply, we provide different sizes to ensure the correct fitting and reduce inconvenience while performing any procedure.

Procedure Type: Consider the procedure type as it may require specific surgical gloves attributes. You can select gloves with the necessary thickness and barrier properties. Like, latex gloves can be used while performing procedures requiring high sensitivity, whereas nitrile gloves can be used when more durability is required.

Sterility: Ensuring that the surgical gloves are indeed sterile when packaged is essential. Checking these factors before buying is necessary, especially for surgical purposes.

Allergies: One needs to consider the allergies of healthcare personnel as well as patients. If any person has latex allergies, they can opt for surgical gloves that are latex free.

Benefits of Buying Surgical Gloves

While you choose surgical gloves from Broadway Medical Supply, you get offered numerous benefits. Here is what you can experience by choosing gloves from Broadway Medical Supply. 

Controls Infection: Surgical gloves are a fundamental defense against transmission of infection. It safeguards both healthcare providers and patients. 

Healthcare Compliance: The surgery gloves comply with the quality standards and regulations. They ensure to offer reliable protection and performance in medical settings. 

Diverse Options: At Broadway Medical Supply, there are a variety of options for surgical gloves available that meet different requirements. You can find the perfect fit for the specific procedure with ease. 

Offers Safety: The surgical gloves are packaged in a sterile condition. Thus, they ensure safety by guaranteeing cleanliness and suitability for surgical use leading to positive treatment outcomes. 

Provides Comfort: Surgical gloves are designed to offer protection and comfort to healthcare professionals and patients. It enables them to perform tasks effectively and with comfort. 

Why Choose Broadway Medical for Surgical Gloves?

Broadway Medical Supply is a one-stop solution to accomplish your medical needs. Right from ambulatory equipment to needles and syringes, we offer medical supplies and equipment at your home. Our team is committed to providing you with the essential tools to deliver the highest quality care. Considering surgical gloves, we strive to stay committed by offering unmatched protection, comfort, and precision. At Broadway Medical Supply, you will come across a variety of gloves along with surgical gloves such as Exam Gloves, Utility Gloves, Impact Gloves, Medical Gloves, Glove Liners, Finger Cots, and many more that serve the different medical needs of healthcare professionals and patients. By partnering with Broadway Medical Supply, you are choosing a partner dedicated to the well-being of medical personnel and patients. Our offered medical products' quality assurance, variety, and extensive customer support set us apart. 

Partner with us to choose the right tools for your timely medical needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is the Difference Between Surgical Gloves and Normal Gloves?

Surgical gloves are specially designed to adhere to strict quality standards for medical purposes by emphasizing sterility, fit, barrier protection, and tactile sensitivity. Whereas normal gloves are not manufactured under stringent conditions and lack the necessary features for medical use. They may lack the same level of protection against contamination as surgical gloves. 

2. Can Individuals with Latex Allergies Use Surgical Gloves?

Yes, individuals with latex allergies can choose non-latex surgical gloves as the best alternative. Nitrile and Vinyl surgical glove latex-free options are available to choose from for comparable protection. These surgery gloves are safe and effective alternatives, offering excellent protection and sensitivity. 

3. Are Surgical Gloves Sterile When They Are Packaged?

Yes, surgical gloves are packaged under sterile conditions, and it is ensured that they remain free from contamination until they are opened for use during medical procedures. The sterility while packaging gloves is essential to maintain a clean and aseptic environment during medical treatments and procedures.