Instrument High Level Disinfectants

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Instrument High Level Disinfectants for Efficient Instrument Cleaning 

The instrument high-level disinfectants are widely used in healthcare settings daily to eliminate any presence of microorganisms and bacteria on the medical instruments. These cleaners and solutions are used to ensure the safety of the patients and healthcare professionals from getting in contact with any infectious diseases. The disinfectants are mainly used for instruments like endoscopes, surgical tools and respiratory therapy equipment as these medical supplies can also be a reason for spreading infections

Types of Instrument High level Disinfectants

1. Glutaraldehyde High Level Disinfectant

It is a common high-level disinfectant used to clean instruments in various healthcare facilities. This disinfectant is commonly used for instruments that are heat sensitive like endoscopes, bronchoscopes, and ultrasound probes. The solution requires about 20 to 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) to clean the instrument depending on the concentration and the size of the instrument. The solution has 2% to 3.4% concentration. 

  • It has excellent material compatibility making it ideal for various medical devices. 
  • Quick action provides quick disinfection from bacteria. 
  • It Can be used even at low temperatures. 

2. McKesson OPA 28 Test Strips

The McKesson OPA 28 test strips are used for manual disinfection of medical instruments that are heat sensitive or are incompatible with any other kind of disinfectant. The strips are used to keep an eye on the level of concentration of the OPA solution during the disinfection process. 

  • Easy to use and provides reliable monitoring of the OPA solution. 
  • It shows proper color change, indicating the level of concentration of the OPA solution.

3. Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer

The glutaraldehyde neutralizer is a chemical agent used by healthcare professionals to deactivate the residual glutaraldehyde after disinfection is completed. Proper neutralization is important for the safe handling and disposal of glutaraldehyde to prevent adverse effects on patients and healthcare workers. 

  • Helps in preventing harmful by products 
  • Can be used with different materials of medical devices. 

Why Choose Instrument High Level Disinfectants from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Instrument high level disinfectants such are glutaraldehyde, McKesson OPA, and glutaraldehyde neutralizer ensures that the instruments are properly disinfected before use. By adding these high-level disinfectants into daily instrument cleaning, the healthcare facilities can stay away from infectious germs and create a safe environment for workers and patients. Broadway Medical Supply offers a huge variety of cleaners and solutions for medical instrument cleaning which are made using superior quality acids.