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Dilators for Enhancing Comfort While Internal Examinations

Dilators are often used during the female reproductive organs for internal examination. The dilators are instruments available in different sizes and shapes to ensure each patient is comfortable during the examination procedure. The OS finder set helps in expanding the vaginal canal or cervix for understanding the problem and giving treatment accordingly. It also helps create sufficient space for the smooth insertion of needed medical instruments during treatment and procedure. It is the most used instrument for procedures like PAP smears, IUD and cervical biopsies.

Benefits of Using Dilators

Improved Patient Comfort 

The dilators help in relaxing and gradually stretching the vaginal muscles of the patients while reducing the discomfort which may be caused during the pelvic examinations and procedures. 


By gently opening the vaginal canal opening the dilators create access for the medical instruments during the procedures like the PAP smears, IUD insertion and cervical biopsies. 

Post Surgery Recovery

The dilators help minimize the vaginal canal size and prevent scar tissue formation, mostly caused by gynecological surgeries. Using a dilator's helps the women to heal faster while reducing risk of any further complications. 

Preparation for Medical Procedures

Dilators are used to prepare the women’s vagina or urethra for medical examinations and for insertion of medical devices. 

Features of Dilators

Graduated Sizes

The OS finder set contains a regular, small and large dilator. This helps the gynecologists to choose them according to the size and shape of the cervix. 

Medical Grade Materials

Dilators are made from medical grade materials such as silicone or plastic which ensures the safety of the women. This makes them easy to clean after each use and are nontoxic in nature. 

Comfort and Hygiene 

The Dilators come with round edges and smooth surface which makes them comfortable to use. They are easy to clean and sterilize after each use which helps in eliminating the risk of infection and cross contamination between women. 

Why Choose Dilators from Broadway Medical Supply?

The dilators come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for easy insertion of medical instruments without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. The need for using a good quality dilator cannot be elaborated enough. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer a superior quality OS finder set which comes in a pack of 3 in each packet and is made from superior grade plastic for long term use.