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Microscope Cover Slides for Enhanced Observation 

A slide cover slip is a thin, transparent piece of glass placed over the glass slide to enhance the quality and clarity of the specimen sample. The glass cover slip provides more accurate and clear images of the specimen sample and are available in rectangular and square shapes. In a clinical laboratory, they have two purposes: protection and clarity. Using a slip over a specimen sample keeps the dust particles,moisture, and other factors at par without compromising the sample's integrity. Scientists, researchers, and students generally use glass coverslips to study and analyze the samples under a microscope. 

What is the Purpose of Using a Cover Slip in a Clinical Laboratory? 

  • The glass coverslips ensure that the specimen samples can be viewed in highest quality. The cover slip flattens the sample for better viewing while decreasing its evaporation rate. 
  • When a stain is added to the specimen sample by the pathologist for observation, the glass coverslips keep the stain on it. 
  • In a clinical laboratory, the cover glass ensures that the specimen sample is protected and stays undamaged from any airborne contaminants while observing under the microscope.

What are the Advantages of Using a Cover Slips

Optical Clarity

The coverslips are composed of high-quality optical glass, like borosilicate, with a shallow refractive index- the light can pass through the glass with minimal distortion. This results in having a brighter and more precise image of the specimen. 

Minimization of Distortions

They minimize the distortions when a specimen sample is placed under a microscope for cell observation.

Protection Against Contamination

They act as a barrier for the underlying sample while preventing it from contaminating or damaging the specimen sample. Also, they aid in maintaining a consistent environment for the sample, which is very important when studying the cells. 

Long Term Specimen Storage

The slide cover slips let the pathologist store the specimen on the microscope slide without worrying about degradation for a long time. 

How Do You Choose an Appropriate Glass Coverslips? 

When you are choosing the appropriate glass coverslips for your clinical laboratory consider the below mentioned aspects:

  • The glass coverslips are available in sizes ranging from 0.13mm (about 0.01 in) to 1.5 mm (about 0.06 in). 
  • The thickness of the glass cover has a direct impact on the specimen image quality. 
  • The thicker the coverslips are, the more the pathologists will have a clearer image while reducing the chances of having an out-of-focus area. 

Why Choose Cover Slips from Broadway Medical Supply?

The coverslips are an essential element that is widely used in biology, medical, and scientific research applications. Using a high-quality glass coverslip will provide pathologists with more accurate results. Broadway Medical Supply provides a wide range of laboratory glassware and plasticware with superior performance, accuracy, and long-term durability. We also provide a wide range of clinical laboratory products, such as tubes, microplates, lab caps and closures, pipettes, and many more, that are needed for different research needs.