Shoulder Immobilizer, Elbow, Ankle, Wrist Support, Wrist Brace and Arm Sling

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Splints and Support to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing

Wrist brace, ankle support, arm sling, and many other splints and supports help immobilize a joint when injured. Resting a particular joint after injury helps faster recovery and allows the patient to take the right measures to prevent damage. Whether it is clavicle and shoulder, ankle, knee, wrist, or hand, choosing splints and supports designed for particular parts smartly immobilizes the joint without much affecting daily activities.

What are the Different Types of Splints and Supports?

Wrist Brace

Carpel tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis affecting wrist joints, fractures, etc., are common problems for which the wrist needs treatment. Depending on the procedure of the treatment, the healing phase demands immobilization. A wrist brace helps keep the wrist in an accurate position and prevents the bones from moving.

Shoulder Immobilizer

A shoulder immobilizer helps heal your shoulder after a severe injury or surgery. It is similar to a sling but keeps your arm close to the body and has bands to provide complete support.

Finger Splint

Finger splints are a common support that is needed for tendon damage and fractures. Single finger splint allows you to use your hand normally without straining the injured part and boosts quicker healing.

Elbow Support

While splints and supports help recover injury, elbow support can be used to support the joint during vigorous activities like sports training.

Knee Brace

The knee joint supports the balance of your weight when walking and standing. An injured knee can affect basic mobility. Using a knee brace supports performing basic activities without exerting the joint.

Ankle Support

Ankles are prone to sprains and strains. Those who have frequent ankle injuries suffer from weakening joints. Wearing ankle support helps stabilize the joint and prevents frequent injuries.

Arm Sling

Arm sling helps support your hand plaster and keep it in a stable position to keep regular blood flow and balance the weight of the hand.

Why Buy Splints and Supports from Broadway Medical Supply?

Corn pads, plantar fasciitis insoles, occupational back support, heel pads, and many other splints and supports help support mobility while preventing the injured part from straining more. Using certified products ensures that the support is stable and there is no pain due to discomfort. Broadway Medical Supply offers a range of splints and supports, including wrist braces, ankle support, clavicle, and shoulder aids, and many others made with precision to aid complete healing and comfort.