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Antimicrobial Soap for Keeping Bacteria at Par  

Antimicrobial soap is essential as it reduces the spread of bacteria, which creates a massive risk for healthcare professionals and patients. Bacteria can spread through cross-contamination and airborne particles and be transmitted through hands as they come in direct contact with various surfaces. In healthcare settings, where patients already have a low immune system, the transmission of bacteria is more common and often leads to serious health issues.  

Personal Hygiene products like soap, body washes, and skin care products like facial washes, and makeup removers prevent the spread of bacteria by effectively removing dirt and harmful organisms from the skin. Using the products regularly will kill the bacteria and help maintain cleanliness in healthcare settings.  

What are the Different Types of Antimicrobial Body Wash?  

Antibacterial Soap 

Antibacterial soap, also called antiseptic soap, contains a chemical called triclosan, which helps prevent bacteria. The ingredients found in an antimicrobial soap aren't typically found in a regular soap. It is essential, especially in sectors like healthcare, where it is important to maintain good hygiene to prevent spreading infections.  

Body Soap 

It does not come under the antibacterial category but is used to wash off dirt, sweat, and other contaminants stuck to the skin. They are long-lasting and are ideal for many skin types. The body soap is travel-friendly and can be carried anywhere for personal hygiene.   

Body Wash  

Body wash is like body soap; it helps cleanse the skin while removing dirt, oils, and bacteria. It can be used with the help of loofah. However, body washes might not have antibacterial agents like triclosan, but they still help maintain cleanliness while reducing bacterial growth.  

Feminine Wash  

It is the combination of mild cleansing agents accompanied by pH-balancing ingredients that are specially designed to be used for intimate areas. A feminine wash will ensure the area stays clean while minimizing the risk of bacterial infections.     

Eye Makeup Remover   

Eye makeup remover not only removes cosmetic products but also eliminates any bacteria that might accumulate. Using an eye makeup remover will prevent bacteria buildup near the eye area and simultaneously reduce the chances of an eye infection.  

Facial Cleanser  

Facial cleansers are meant to remove the dirt and oil that get settled on the face throughout the day. It removes the impurities as well as any bacteria that settle on the face, which might cause the chances of having acne or infection. Having a clean face reduces the risk of bacterial growth and gives you healthy and glowing skin.  

Why Choose Antimicrobial Soaps from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Maintaining proper hygiene in healthcare facilities is essential for preventing the spread of bacteria. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find an array of premium quality personal hygiene and skin care products. Whether looking for antimicrobial body wash or perineal wash, you can find everything needed to ensure personal hygiene and safety.