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Different wounds require different treatments and medical solutions. While considering advanced wound care, foam dressings are one of the sought-after choices among healthcare professionals as well as patients. These foam dressings offer numerous advantages to managing wounds, including ulcers, surgical incisions, and traumatic injuries. Broadway Medical Supply sources a range of high-quality foam dressings, providing them at the best price to our valuable clients.  

Our professionals at Broadway Medical Supply understand the importance of wound care and thus dedicatedly offer premium foam dressings to help perform medical procedures. While providing various types of dressings at competitive prices, we ensure to meet the quality standards and regulations. Whether you are a healthcare professional or an individual looking for a medical solution for wounds, at Broadway Medical Supply, you can get the perfect dressing that meets the wound type and medical needs.   

Factors to Consider Before Buying Foam Dressings 

At Broadway Medical Supply, a range of foam dressings is available. Hence, selecting the right foam dressing for effective wound care is essential. One can consider the major factors shared below to get the best results after usage.  

Wound Type 

Every wound needs different care and has varying requirements. Foam dressings are versatile and can be opted for different wound types. It includes wounds such as pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, venous leg ulcers, and others. Also, you need to consider the wound characteristics to choose the specific type of foam dressings. 

Absorbency Level 

Foam dressings are available with different absorbency levels. It should match the exudate production of the wound. Wounds with heavy exudate require high-absorbency dressings, while wounds with minimal fluid can be treated with low-absorbency foam dressing.  


Broadway Medical Supply provides foam dressings in different sizes and shapes. Hence, choosing a foam dressing that properly covers the wound and promotes the healing process is important.  

Adhesive or Non-Adhesive 

Adhesive foam dressings have a border that secures the dressing in place, whereas non-adhesive foam dressings require additional fixation material like tape or a bandage. The choice can be made by considering individual preferences and the location of the wound.  


While opting for foam dressing, ensure that it is sterile before you apply it to the wound to prevent it from infection. At Broadway Medical Supply, you will come across a range of sterile foam dressings that serve various clinical needs.  

Allergies and Sensitivities 

Consider if one has any allergies or sensitivities to materials that are used in dressings. Hence, check the type of material used in the dressings to avoid any further occurrence of allergies or sensitivities.  

Benefits of Buying Foam Dressings 

The foam dressings at Broadway Medical Supply offer numerous benefits, making them a preferred choice for wound care.  

Moist Environment for Healing 

When foam dressing is applied, it creates a moist environment that promotes a faster healing process. This is achieved by retaining moisture, which enhances cell proliferation and tissue regeneration.  

Absorbent and Exudate Management 

Silicone foam dressing effectively manages wound exudate by absorbing excess fluid while maintaining a moist wound environment. Using foam dressings reduces the risk of maceration around the wound and boosts healing.  

Cushioning and Protection 

Foam dressings' soft and cushioning nature offers comfort and protects the wound site. Applying silicone foam dressing on the wound minimizes the risk of friction and pressure. It is especially beneficial for patients having issues with mobility and pressure ulcers.  

Minimizes Pain and Trauma 

Foam dressings are gentle on the wound and surrounding skin. They stay on the skin without causing trauma while changing the dressing. It significantly helps to reduce pain and discomfort for patients. 

Flexibility and Conformity 

Foam dressings are flexible and cover the wound appropriately by adapting the shape and contours of the wound. The dressing, when placed, ensures a snug fit and effective coverage.  

Easy to Apply and Remove 

These advanced wound care accessories are user-friendly and are beneficial to healthcare professionals as they are easy to apply. The non-stick properties make the removal process less painful and damaging to the wound.   

Precautions to take while using Foam Dressings 

Foam dressings are one of the necessary additions to the wound care process. However, there are a few precautions to take while using foam dressings. Below are the things you should keep in mind.  

Infection Control 

Always ensure that you are maintaining strict hygiene while applying or changing foam dressings. Use sterile gloves and tools. These hygiene practices ensure that the wound stays infection-free. 

Proper Sizing 

Check your wound's size so that you can select the proper size of foam dressing to cover it. Oversized dressing can lead to wrinkling and will be less effective. On the other hand, the undersized silicone foam dressing can't cover the wound enough.  

Assess Exudate Levels 

Ensure assessment regularly of the exudate level of the wound. If you notice that the dressing is saturated too quickly, consider opting for a higher absorbency foam dressing.  

Monitor any Allergic Reactions 

Some individuals are sensitive or allergic to the adhesive or components of foam dressings. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue the dressing and consult your healthcare professional.  

Avoid Over Tightening 

While securing a non-adhesive foam dressing with tape or bandage, avoid over-tightening. It can impede blood flow or cause pressure sores.  

Take Advice from a Healthcare Professional 

If you are uncertain about wound care or dressing selection, consult a healthcare professional for guidance. With their expert advice based on wounds-specific needs, you can precisely care for injuries.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Foam Dressings? 

Broadway Medical Supply offers a broad spectrum of solutions to accomplish your medical requirements. Along with wound measuring devices, we offer everything from needles, syringes, and gloves to diagnostic instruments and supplies. Our dedicated team works with an aim to provide essential medical equipment and tools that offer quality care and promote healing. Foam dressings provided by Broadway Medical Supply offer quality, comfort, and precision. You can choose from various ranges of dressings that are suitable to your wound type. By partnering with Broadway Medical Supply for wound care accessories, you can be rest assured about the quality and patients' well-being. Moreover, Broadway Medical Supply's variety of products, quality assurance, and extensive customer support sets us apart in this industry.  

Contact us to get an effective medical solution for your wounds!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Long Can Foam Dressing Stay in Place? 

Foam dressings stay in place for several days. It typically depends on the product and the patient's condition. These types of dressings are designed for longer usage periods, reducing the frequency of changing dressing. However, individuals should follow the instructions provided by the healthcare professional regarding the usage and changing dressing after the completion of optimal wear time.  

2. How Long Does It Take to See Results from Silicone Foam Dressing? 

The time to see results from silicone foam dressings varies as it depends on the severity of the wound and the individual's healing process. Generally, silicone foam dressings are used for wound healing and reduce the risk of maceration and infection. You can see some improvements within days, but significant results may take a few weeks while being consistent to use.

3. Do Silicone Foam Dressings Cause Pain During Removal? 

Silicone foam dressings are designed to be gentle on the skin while you remove them. They are opted for minimizing pain and trauma associated with dressing changes. The silicone layer adheres to the wound bed but is light to the skin; hence, it doesn't cause much pain compared to traditional dressings. However, the experiences may vary from individual to individual. Also, it is essential to follow the removal steps correctly. You can take advice from a healthcare professional if there are concerns about pain while changing a dressing.