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Hair Clippers Replacing the Traditional Hair Removal Procedures

Hair clippers have become an emerging need to ensure hygienic hair removal during various medical procedures. Infection and skin abrasions due to shaving have been common problems that the healthcare system has been dealing with. While shaving before surgical procedures is vital for preventing surgical site infections, surgical clippers are helping replace traditional hair removal techniques. Cardinal Health Surgical clipper offers personal hygiene with safer and more versatile clipping blades that allow for smooth and easy hair removal.

Features of Hair Clippers

Ergonomic Design

The surgical hair clipper has an ergonomic design that helps with comfortable use. The design allows minimal touch to the blade that prevents cross-contamination. The non-slip grip offers easy handling while shaving.

Convenient Storage

The Cardinal Health Surgical clipper is compact and can be easily stored. The box contains the following accessories – a clipper, a charger, a general purpose blade, a neuro blade, and a clip blade.

Quick Maintenance

You can easily clean the hair clipper using a disinfecting solution to ensure safety for the next use and prevent spreading infections. Also, being submersible allows easy cleaning. Ensure not to submerge more than one meter for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Energy Efficient 

The lithium-ion battery offers quick charge with less power consumption. It comes with either battery-operated or rechargeable options. Once charged, the hair clipper offers a 120 minute long run time, making it an energy-efficient option for hair removal.

Durable Material

The body of the hair clipper is durable and waterproof, allowing for a complete experience without any worries of clipper breakage, cuts, or infections while using the clipper.

Safe Blade Design

The blade is designed to provide a low nick rate of 5% compared to regular blades, ensuring cut-free shaving. The away-from-skin positioning of the blade helps prevent skin from being pulled during hair removal. The design of the blade offers a contoured design, allowing better results.

Versatile Use

The hair removal clipper works well on wet and dry skin, allowing comfort while maintaining personal hygiene. Also, it effectively removes both fine and hard hair without any discomfort. 

Why Buy Hair Clippers from Broadway Medical Supply?

Hair clippers are essential in the healthcare industry to prevent infections during surgeries. Having a clean body is vital before proceeding with any medical procedure involving a high cross-contamination risk. Broadway Medical Supply understands the importance of ergonomic design and offers a contoured blade Cardinal Health surgical clipper for clear-cut performance. Explore the different hair clipper options and avail the best-suited clipper for hair removal.