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Utility Gloves - An Essential Apparel in the Healthcare Sector    

General-purpose gloves help healthcare professionals prevent the transmission of infections. They act as a barrier between the hands of the healthcare professional and potentially harmful substances like body fluids, germs, and aggressive chemicals. Medical gloves are made from latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl, and many more. While there are many types of gloves available in the market, knowing the uses helps in understanding the need of different varieties in the hospital. Broadway Medical Supply caters to a range of gloves to cater all uses of healthcare sector. 

Uses of Utility Gloves  

General purpose gloves in have various purposes for both the professional's as well as patients and here are some key uses of gloves in healthcare settings:  

Infection Control 

Gloves prevent the transmission of infectious agents between healthcare providers and patients, eradicating the chances of cross-contamination.   

Patient Examinations 

Wearing latex gloves during the physical examinations and medical assessments will help maintain a sterile environment to maintain safe and secure practices.   

Wound Care 

Gloves eliminate the risk of infections caused by open wounds when doctors are cleaning, dressing, or treating wounds.   

Surgical Procedures 

Wearing utility gloves during the surgery helps maintain safety at the surgical sites, reducing the risk of contamination. 

Laboratory Work 

Wearing gloves while performing laboratory experiments prevents skin from direct contact with harmful substances and hazardous chemicals.    

Dental Procedures 

Latex gloves protect dental professionals from exposure from blood, saliva and other fluids which are present during dental examinations and treatments. The gloves prevent transmission of the oral bacteria between dental patients and the dentist.  

Patient Care Activities 

General-purpose gloves are used to provide personal care, like bathing the patients or changing the dressing of the patient's wounds. They help maintain hygiene for patients and the caretakers, while meeting the needed medical standards. 

Emergency Medical Response 

Latex Gloves are essential during emergency medical situations like CPR and accidents to ensure safety against the exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  

Why Buy Utility Gloves from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Wearing latex gloves is important for protecting healthcare professionals and patients from contact with germs and contamination during medical procedures. Additionally, gloves help to maintain a cleaner environment in the healthcare sector. While using gloves is essential, proper disposal is equally necessary to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria after use. Broadway Medical Supply offers a wide range of gloves and other hospital apparels that are needed for preserving safety in the healthcare sector. Broadway Medical Supply helps provide supplies to facilitate seamless operations while maintaining the safety of the patients and professionals.