Nonprescription Vitamins and Minerals

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Over-The-Counter Vitamins and Minerals Improve Overall Well-Being by Ensuring Adequate Nutrition

Over-the-counter vitamins and mineral are medicines available in pharmaceuticals that provide the body with essential nutrients when a regular diet fails to provide the recommended dietary allowance. They can be either single vitamins that provide individual nutrients or multivitamins that supplement multiple deficiencies. Multivitamins are available in different forms, like tablets, capsules, chewable gummies, and liquids.

Types of Over-The-Counter Vitamins and Minerals 

Biotin Supplement

Biotin is an important nutrient for the human body as it plays a major role in forming fatty acids and glucose, which fuel the body. Though deficiency of this nutrient is rare, it can cause changes in the appearance of skin, hair loss, heart problems and high cholesterol. Biotin supplements are highly beneficial for those who have a deficiency in this nutrient. 

Eye Vitamin Supplement

Eye vitamin supplements contain vitamins E, C, beta-carotene and zinc. They may also contain minerals like zinc, selenium, chromium and antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Research has shown that these nutrients benefit the eyes and may even reduce the risk of AMD. 

Mineral Supplement

Minerals are naturally occurring compounds humans need for optimal function. They are essential for various bodily functions such as nerve responses, muscle contractions, and fluid balance. Though it is possible to get all the minerals through diet, it can be difficult to get meet the recommended dietary allowance. Mineral supplements can provide adequate levels of essential minerals. 

Joint Health Supplement

Joint health supplements contain nutrients required for maintaining bone and joint health. They are easily without any prescription. Glucosamine chondroitin is considered to be the best supplement for relieving pain and inflammation in the joints. 

Are Over-The-Counter Vitamins and Minerals Safe? 

If you lack certain vitamins and minerals and are unable to them through your diet, over-the-counter vitamins and minerals are the best way to treat your nutritional deficiency; however, it is important that you do not take more than the recommended dosage as it can damage critical organs like the kidneys and liver. That is why, you always consult a doctor before taking OTCs 

Why Choose Over-The-Counter Vitamins and Minerals from Broadway Medical?

Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals ensure you stay healthy by providing adequate nutrients. Research has also shown that they provide health benefits by alleviating the symptoms of nutritional deficiency. Broadway Medical Supply offers different dietary supplements, from general to specialized formulations. While formulating these supplements, all natural ingredients are used that improve health without side effects. We also supply top-quality pharmaceuticals like antacids and laxatives that improve digestive health as well.