IV Armboards: Surgical Armboards for Infants and Adults

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Things to Know Before Buying an Armboard

An armboard is a medical device used to support and immobilize a patient’s arm during various medical procedures. It is typically a flat, padded board that can be attached to a bed or surgical table. It facilitates procedures like intravenous therapy and surgery, ensuring stability, maintaining sterility, enhancing patient comfort, and preventing complications for effective and safe interventions

Types of Different Armboard Needed

IV Armboard

Used during the administration of IV Therapy, an IV armboard helps support the patient's arm and keeps it in a stable position. This facilitates the insertion and maintenance of intravenous catheters for the delivery of medications, fluids, or other treatments directly into the bloodstream. Typically padded for patient comfort, adjustable to accommodate different arm sizes, and equipped with straps or other mechanisms to secure the arm in place.

Surgical Arm Boards

Employed in surgical settings, a surgical arm board is used to provide support and positioning for the patient's arm during surgical procedures. It helps maintain a specific arm position that is conducive to the surgical operation being performed, allowing the surgical team unobstructed access to the surgical site. Designed with the specific requirements of surgical procedures in mind, surgical arm boards are often adjustable, padded, and securely attachable to the surgical table.

Precautions While Using Armboard

When using an armboard, focus on patient comfort with adequate padding. Monitor circulation regularly to avoid excessive pressure. Ensure secure attachment to prevent unintended dislodgment. Exercise gentle handling during positioning to minimize discomfort. Confirm the armboard's compatibility with the patient's size. Clearly communicate the purpose and duration of its use. Regularly monitor and adjust to maintain a stable position throughout the procedure.

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