Specimen Collection Devices

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Specimen Collection Devices: Essential for Accurate Sample Specimen Collection

Specimen collection devices are used to store blood samples or tissues for testing. They play a crucial role in healthcare centers, ensuring biological samples are safely collected, transported, and stored. These containers are designed to ensure the integrity of the sample and prevent contamination while it is being transported to a clinical laboratory

Uses of Specimen Collection Devices


AOB/GYN swabs are- medical-grade applicator swabs designed for obstetric and gynecological procedures such as sampling cervical cells or vaginal swabs. They have extra-large tips for efficient sampling and plastic shafts for ease of use and stability. 

Cytology Brush

Cytology brushes are used to collect cells from the bronchi and gastrointestinal tract. They consist of stiff nylon bristles for maximum sample retrieval and a metal head that prevents loss of the sample and contamination. The brush can also be pushed through an endoscope for better diagnostic results. 

Nasopharyngeal Collection Swab

Nasopharyngeal collection swabs are specimen collection devices used to collect nasal secretions from the nose and throat. They are inserted into the nose and pushed through to the nasopharynx. Once nasal secretions are absorbed, the swab is removed and immediately placed in a culture media vial.

Specimen Collection Swab

Specimen collection swabs are used to collect and transport specimens to a microbiology lab for organism recovery. They are made up of two components- a tip and a stem. There are different types of specimen collection swabs: cotton swabs, rayon swabs, polyester swabs, foam swabs, and flocked swabs.

Why Choose Specimen Collection Devices from Broadway Medical Supply?

Specimen collection devices are vital for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. If a specimen is not collected properly, it can lead to a false or inconclusive diagnosis, which might necessitate recollection of the specimen. Broadway Medical Supply offers specimen collection devices such as cytology brushes, nasopharyngeal collection swabs, and others that ensure proper collection, transport, and storage of medical samples. Besides specimen collectors, we also offer specimen collection kits that contain all the components required to secure a sample and send it to a laboratory for diagnostic purposes.