Cough and Cold Relief

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Cold and Sinus Relief Medications for Faster Recovery Against Viral Infections 

Cold and cough medicine provides instant relief to individuals facing upper respiratory infections caused due to viral infections like cold viruses. These medications have active ingredients like antitussives (cough suppressants), expectorants (to help loosen mucus), decongestants (to relieve nasal congestion), analgesics (for pain relief), and antihistamines (to reduce sneezing and runny nose). They are easily available over the counter at pharmaceuticals and come in various forms like syrups, tablets, capsules, and many more.

Types of Cold and Cough Medicine

1. Allergy Relief

Allergy reliefs are widely used to minimize allergic symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes.They contain antihistamines and other herbal ingredients that help to reduce allergic reactions. 

2. Chest Rub

The chest rubs are generally found in an ointment or a balm form which is applied to the chest and the throat area to provide instant relief from congestion, coughing and discomfort. The chest rubs contain menthol or eucalyptus oil which helps to clear up the nasal passage and provide instant relief to the user. 

3. Children's Cold and Cough Relief

The children's cold and cough relief is just like chest rubs but are specially made for children. They do not have a strong scent and are usually milder as they are designed for kids.

Benefits of using Cold and Cough Medicine

  • The cold and cough medicine provides instant relief from symptoms linked to coughing, congestion, sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. 
  • By reducing the discomfort caused by coughing and congestion, these medicines help the user to get back to their daily routine.
  • They are easily available at OTC, pharmaceuticals and grocery stores making it easy for the individuals who are looking for relief without having a prescription. 

Why Choose Cough and Cold Relief Medicine at Broadway Medical Supply? 

The cough and cold relief medicines help the users to feel better and recover faster. They are easily available at any pharmaceuticals without any prescription. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find various cough and cold relief medications that adults and children can use to get instant relief from congestion and other cold problems. There are other medications and accessories like steamer, pain relief, nasal wash, etc., for better recovery.