Instrument Accessories

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Instrument Accessories for Better Handling and Managing Medical Instruments 

Instrument accessories are products designed to support, supplement or augment the performance of medical instruments. They have an important role to play in the medical field as they not only improve patient care but also enhance the performance of medical instruments. There are different types of instrument accessories used by healthcare professionals, e.g., enzymatic sponges, instrument protectors, tubing sets, cleaning monitors and valve bags. These accessories ensure that surgeons and doctors can provide high-quality medical care to patients

Uses of Instrument Accessories 

Enzymatic Sponge

Enzymatic sponges are cleaning sponges saturated with enzymes obtained from natural sources such as plants and bacteria. They are used to thoroughly clean medical instruments and work by dissolving stubborn stains and residues that are difficult to remove manually. Some enzymatic sponges might also contain corrosion inhibitors to prevent metal medical instruments from rust. 

Instrument Protector

Instrument protectors are essential tools in the medical field as they protect sharp surgical tools during sterilization processes. Besides preventing damage to medical tools, they also lower the chances of pouch puncture during such processes. Instrument protectors usually include features like an anti-lock flap that ensures effective penetration of steam and gas and indicators that verify steam or EO processing. 

Storage Bin

Storage bins are used in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare settings to store medical supplies safely or to keep track of them in supply and examination rooms. They are stackable and have an open front for easy and quick supply access. 

Tubing Set

During surgical procedures, the use of lasers and electrosurgical units can generate smoke after coming in contact with human tissue. This smoke can harm the health of both patients and surgeons. Smoke evacuator tubing is a simple solution that effectively removes smoke, thereby protecting them from health hazards due to the smoke. 

Cleaning Monitor

In the medical industry, effective cleaning is vital for instrument reprocessing. Visual inspection is not enough to determine the cleanliness of instruments as some contaminants are not visible to the naked eye. Ultrasonic cleaners are highly effective in getting rid of such contaminants. Cleaning monitors can determine their effectiveness during cleaning procedures. 

Valve bag

Valve bags are medical accessories designed to safely store detachable endoscopic valve components before and after reprocessing. For security and traceability, they feature a tamper-evident seal that allows healthcare workers to connect them to a medical scope.

Why Choose Instrument Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Instrument accessories play a crucial role in healthcare settings. They not only enhance the efficiency, efficacy and safety of treatments but also help healthcare facilities optimize operations and improve patient care. Broadway Medical Supply provides high-quality, versatile instrument accessories that improve treatment outcomes and lead to long-term cost savings. They also offer reputed healthcare facilities with instruments such as instrument tip guards and cleaning solutions that ensure the sterility of medical equipment.