Beakers and Bottles

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Beakers and Bottles for Delivering Measured and Calculative Results 

Beakers and bottles facilitate various scientific experiments by allowing ease and accuracy in measuring liquids. Different shapes and sizes of graduated beakers, containers, and wash bottles make the experiments efficient and controlled. Their use for storing and measuring liquids and solutions has been a major part of clinical laboratories. Having this laboratory glassware and plasticware ensures that quality results are served.

Types of Beakers and Bottles 

1. Graduated Beaker

A graduated beaker, commonly known as a measuring or graduated cylinder, is a vessel with precise volume markings along its side. The cylindrical shape with markings allows for accurate measurement of liquid. These beakers are available in different sizes, allowing the clinical laboratory to perform its functions with precision. The use is primarily for measuring liquids during titrations, dilutions, or preparing concentrations during examination. The narrow diameter allows précised readings.

2. Graduated Container

Like graduated beakers, graduated containers are also vessels with volume markings. However, the containers have various shapes, including triangular, cylindrical, cuboid, and others. The graduated containers also help in measuring different liquids and solutions accurately and are common during chemistry, biology, and other medical experiments. They work well for dispensing liquid, sample collection, and solution preparation during experimental procedures.

3. Wash Bottle

A wash bottle is a specially designed laboratory glassware and plasticware with a narrow spout and a squeezable body. The bottles are used to hold distilled water or other solvent solutions for rinsing lab equipment and tools. The narrow spout tip allows for a controlled flow of liquid with proper cleaning. The wash bottles aid in maintaining cleanliness and preventing cross-contamination between experiments. The bottles can even be named with solutions inside them to avoid any confusion when using them. They are useful in scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology, and microbiology, where maintaining sterile conditions is essential.

Why Choose Beakers and Bottles from Broadway Medical Supply?

Each specific beaker and bottle serve a different purpose and having different varieties in a clinical laboratory is a must. While they cater to measured solutions, their role in facilitating smooth experimentation is to be considered. Broadway Medical Supply delivers a premium range of laboratory glassware and plastic ware in the safest condition to ensure that the laboratories function smoothly and are not interrupted due to a lack of any medical tools and equipment.