Sharps Container and Cabinet Wall Mount: Promote Hygenic and Organized Clinical Environment

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Buy Sharps Container Wall Mount 

The industry of medicines and health prominently features Sharps Container Wall Mounts, an essential tool securely attached to the wall for offering safety while disposing of the sharps. These may include any object with sharp edges or points that can puncture or lacerate the skin. 

This specialized cabinet or container is a fixture on the wall. It is responsible for safely disposing of sharp objects like needles and syringes, lancets, and other medical instruments without causing any harm or transmitting infectious diseases to neighboring individuals within a health care center. Made of hard plastic or metal, sharp wall mounts are sealed for accidental exposure to pointy objects and are crucial for laboratories, medical chambers, or any surrounding where pointed instruments are necessarily in use. 

The materials used in making sharps wall mounts are typically rigid plastic that is puncture-resistant or metal that offers leak-resistant sides and bottom along with a tight-fitting puncture-resistant lid, having an opening to accommodate the deposit of sharps but not allowing a hand to enter. 

Uses/Benefits of Sharps Wall Mount 

1. Safety: The primary purpose of sharps wall mount is to safely dispose of sharp medical waste and maintain public health. As a fixture on the wall, it provides easy accessibility to healthcare servers and prevents the risk of accidental lancet injuries from improperly discarded sharps in trash bags.  

2. Infection Control: A sharps cabinet is ideal for preventing the spread of infectious chronic diseases by minimizing contact with contaminated needles and other sharp objects. 

3. Space Efficiency: Wall-mounted sharps containers encourage floor space for crowded settings at busy hospitals, allowing for efficient use of limited space in clinics and medical chambers, making the passages more accessible. 

4. Accessible: Sharps container disposal is convenient to reach, making it easy for healthcare professionals to dispose of used sharps immediately while attending to various patients simultaneously. 

5. Tamper Resistance: Some wall-mounted sharps containers are designed with tamper-resistant features to prevent unauthorized access or removal of the contents, further enhancing safety.

6. Capacity: The sharp cabinets are available in various sizes and capacities to accommodate the specific needs of different healthcare settings. The container promises enough storage space to dispose of sharps without leading to the outbreak of overfilling. 

7. Compliance: Healthcare facilities must often adhere to strict regulations and guidelines for sharps container disposal, including proper container placement and accessibility. Using sharps wall mount helps ensure compliance with these regulations.

Precautions to Take while Using Sharps Cabinet 

Medical service providers and healthcare professionals must maintain safety and follow some necessary measures while using sharps container wall mounts. Preventing accidents and spreading hazardous risks is vital while dealing with sharps like needles, scalpels, and other blades. Below are some precautionary actions that professionals can take while handling sharps: 

1. Read Instructions: Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific sharps cabinet you use. It includes information on capacity, disposal procedures, and maintenance.

2. Placement: Install the sharps container mount in a location easily accessible to healthcare professionals but out of reach of patients, visitors, and unauthorized personnel. Ensure it is securely mounted on a wall or another stable surface.

3. Labeling: Label the sharps container disposal with a biohazard symbol and the words "Sharps Only" or "Biohazardous Waste." It helps identify its purpose and contents.

4. Container Integrity: Regularly inspect the sharps wall mount inside the cabinet for damage, leaks, or overfilling. Replace the cabinet when it reaches the designated fill line or is complete, according to your facility's guidelines.

5. Gloves: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, when handling sharps container wall mount or disposing of sharps.

6. One-Handed Operation: Choose a sharps container disposal with a design for one-handed removal. It reduces the risk of accidents and contamination.

7. No Recapping: Never recap needles and syringes or attempt to remove them from the sharps cabinet. Dispose of them directly into the container.

8. Dispose of Sharps Properly: Place sharps directly into the designated container within the cabinet. Do not toss them in the vicinity or leave them on countertops.

9. Close Lid Securely: After each use, ensure that the sharps cabinet's Lid is securely closed to prevent accidental exposure.

10. Emergency Equipment: Have emergency equipment, such as an eyewash station or first aid supplies, nearby in case of accidental blood or other bodily fluids exposure.

11. Training: Ensure that all healthcare staff who use the sharps cabinet are trained in its proper use, safety protocols, and disposal procedures.

12. Emptying the Cabinet: When opening the sharps container wall mount, follow your facility's guidelines for safe disposal. Typically, this involves closing and sealing the sharps container and labeling it for disposal as biohazardous waste.

13. Dispose of the Cabinet Contents Properly: Dispose of the filled sharps containers according to local regulations and facility policies. It may involve incineration or other approved methods.

14. Maintenance: Regularly inspect the cabinet for any signs of damage or wear, such as loose mounting or hinges. Repair or replace the cabinet as needed.

15. Documentation: Maintain accurate records of sharps disposal activities, including when containers were filled and disposed of. This documentation helps ensure compliance with regulations.

By following these precautions, healthcare professionals can use sharps container wall mount safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of needlestick injuries, contamination, and improper sharps disposal.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Sharps Container Wall Mount 

Maintaining optimal safety and taking preventive measures while carrying and disposing of various medical instruments is something that no medical practitioner or service care provider will want to compromise on. Safety always comes first while disposing of sharps like needles and syringes, lancets, and so on, and neglecting the proper way of throwing them away can make someone face serious consequences through accidental injuries due to potential contamination. 

Sharps Containers at Broadway Medical Supply offer the best solution for disposing of hazardous wastes with 100% security and durable equipment. 

These specially designed containers help protect healthcare workers, patients, and the environment from the risks associated with improper sharps disposal. By following proper usage protocols, regularly maintaining the containers, and adhering to safety precautions, sharps containers play a crucial function in maintaining a safe and compliant healthcare environment. Their use is necessary to prevent needlestick injuries, reduce contamination risk, and ensure the responsible disposal of biohazardous waste, ultimately contributing to public health and safety. 

Besides the sharps container wall mount, you can explore a range of ambulatory equipment, clinical supplies, medical furnishing, housekeeping products, hospital appliances, and other medical supplies. Broadway Medical Supply lets you achieve the finest kits to improve your daily life in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Often Should a Sharps Cabinet Be Emptied and Replaced?

Opening a sharps cabinet when it reaches its designated fill level is mandatory, typically indicated by a fill line or manufacturer's guidelines. Besides, a sharps container disposal can also be replaced when three-quarters full to avoid potential hazards. The frequency of removal will depend on the usage, but regular disposal is preferred to maintain safety. 

2. How High Should Sharps Containers Be Mounted?

The placement of the sharps containers should be at a height that is easily accessible to healthcare workers but should also be out of reach of patients and visitors. It must be within easy horizontal reach and below eye level. Typically, the height range must be 48 to 52 inches (120-130 cm) from the floor and distant from obstructed areas, such as doors, under sinks, near light switches, etc., to avoid accidental contact. 

3. Do Sharps Containers Have Safety Features?

Yes, sharps container wall mounts often have safety features. These include puncture-resistant materials to prevent accidental needle sticks, secure lids to seal off contents, and sometimes color-coded labels for easy identification. These features enhance safety when disposing of used medical needles and sharps, reducing the risk of injuries and contamination.

4. Can Sharps Wall Mount Be Recycled?

A sharps container wall mount is typically not recyclable because they are designed for biohazardous waste containment. They are made of plastic or metal to ensure safety and prevent contamination. Proper disposal methods, such as incineration or specialized medical waste disposal, should be followed when these mounts are no longer in use.