Hydrocolloid Dressings

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Buy Hydrocolloid Dressings at Broadway Medical Supply

Every wound requires specific care that ensures proper healing. Advanced wound care requires different dressings that effectively prevent infections and allow your body to heal the wound. Whether there is a need for primary or secondary dressings, hydrocolloid dressings at Broadway Medical Supply store help create a favorable environment for the wound to recover quickly. The dressing comprises gel-forming materials like gelatin, pectin, and carboxymethylcellulose. This allows wound healing without scar formation.
Broadway Medical Supply, the leading supplier of wound care accessories, focuses on catering to the varied needs of the healthcare sector. From medicated dressings, wound measuring devices, bandages, emergency kits, trays, Unna boots, adhesive tapes, etc., we deliver every needed supply to help quick wound healing. The products at our store assure top-notch quality at competitive prices with comprehensive healing solutions.

Benefits Of Hydrocolloid Dressings at Broadway Medical Supply

  • Waterproof

    It would be best to avoid direct contact with water for a wound to heal quickly. Mckesson hydrocolloid dressing is waterproof, allowing you to easily use the dressing while taking a shower or in a swimming pool. This allows you to perform your activities without worrying about sweating or coming in contact with moisture or water.

  • Prevents Scars

    The Duoderm dressing creates a barrier between the outer environment and your skin, preventing infection and scarring. Also, it provides needed moisture, ensuring the wound doesn’t dry and heals quickly without leaving any scars on your skin.

  • Induces Insulation

    While the hydrocolloid dressing Duoderm must create a barrier, it must aid insulation to prevent the wound from trapping moisture and forming pus or infection. The dressing induces insulation for better recovery.

  • Promotes Healing Environment

    Wound care requires dressings that promote healing. The hydrocolloid dressings protect the wound and the newly developed tissues from drying and scarring.

  • Absorbs Wound Drainage

    Whether using Duoderm extra thin dressing or other hydrocolloid dressings, these advanced wound care dressings contain gel agents that absorb moisture or any wound drainage. This directly helps reduce exudates, which promotes better healing.

  • Flexible And Painless Removal

    The hydrocolloid dressings fit all contours of your body, which makes it easy to use in any part of your body comfortably.

Applications Of Mckesson and Duoderm Dressing

  • Abrasions

    Abrasions can include skinned elbows, rashes, and other superficial wounds. Using Duoderm extra thin dressing works best for partial-thickness abrasions. Make sure to clean the wound before applying the dressing.

  • Post-Operative Wounds

    Mckesson hydrocolloid dressing is highly effective for post-operative wounds that do not require daily cleaning. It provides the needed moisture and allows the absorption of pus or liquid discharge from wounds. Using wound measuring devices along with dressing allows health care providers to track healing of post-operative wounds.

  • Pressure And Venous Ulcers

    Covering pressure and venous ulcers prevents direct touch or scratching, which can lead to infections and delayed healing. Hydrocolloid patches offer the perfect solution. They are available in different sizes as per need.

  • Burn Wounds

    Hydrocolloid dressings are ideal for first and second-degree burns, which affect the epidermis, the second layer of skin. They are not fit for burns that go deep in layers of the skin.

Precautions While Using Hydrocolloid Dressings

  • Avoid Overstretching

    Stretching a wound site too much can irritate the surrounding skin and cause skin tears and scars. While the dressing is flexible, once placed, overstretching can allow the dressing to get loose or shift and cause irritation.

  • Know The Type of Wound

    Different types of wounds require different levels of protection. How much exudation the wound has, how deep the scar is, how many layers of skin are affected, whether it is an open wound, and many other wound specifications will affect the suitability of the hydrocolloid dressing.

  • Be Cautious If You Have Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, using a hydrocolloid dressing should be only under professional guidance. An open or drainage wound with high sugar levels can delay the healing and even increase the chance of infection. Consult the healthcare professional and monitor the wound to check signs of recovery or infections.

  • Replace Hydrocolloid Dressing

    Wound care is essential to ensure recovery is quick and pain-free. Hydrocolloid dressings require replacement every 3 to 4 days. Using the same bandage for more days than prescribed can increase the chances of bacteria formation, causing infection around the wound.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Hydrocolloid Dressings

If you are looking for comprehensive medical solutions, Broadway Medical Supply offers you the best solution. We are the leading supplier of all medical needs, including wound care accessories , needles, mobility equipment, pharmaceuticals, and more. Recognized as trusted partners for high-end brands, we focus on delivering uncompromised quality. Considering hydrocolloid dressings, we aim to provide solutions for quick healing for every size of wound. The team of professionals at our end works dedicatedly to helping you find the perfect medical solution for every type of injury or wound. Choosing Broadway Medical Supply allows you to avail yourself of reliable products that improve your reliability and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Hydrocolloid Dressings Be Used on Infected Wounds?

Hydrocolloid dressings are suitable for primary wounds that have gone one or two layers deep in the skin. They are unsuitable for deep wounds and bone and muscles exposed. In case of infections, hydrocolloid dressings are not an ideal solution. You must consult a healthcare professional and use the dressing only once the wound heals.

2. Do Hydrocolloid Dressings Require Secondary Dressing?

Hydrocolloid dressings come in different sizes that allow you to cover the dressing perfectly. It is a flexible dressing that contours your skin easily. While many dressings require a secondary bandage, hydrocolloid dressings have a strong adhesive that can stay in place even when in contact with water.

3. Should Duoderm Dressing Be Changed Daily?

Duoderm dressing does not require to be changed daily. The dressings cater to primary and secondary wounds and, hence, do not require replacement every day. You can keep the dressing applied for 3 to 4 days or as your healthcare professional advises.

4. Is Duoderm Extra Thin Dressing Waterproof?

Yes, the Duoderm extra thin dressing is waterproof. You can easily shower, go to a swimming pool, do activities that induce sweating, etc., without worrying about the wound. The hydrocolloid dressing protects the wound and provides complete healing while you perform your daily activities without interruptions.