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Microbiology: A Vital Cog in Infection Control 

Microbiology is a branch of science that deals with studying microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, and protozoa that can cause a range of illnesses or diseases. It plays a crucial role in treating illnesses as it enables medical professionals working in clinical laboratory to recognize, isolate, and genetically engineer these microbes to develop antibacterial medications. The field involves the use of inoculating loops, needles, transport media, and various other medical supplies that help in testing and examination procedures. 

What Is Blood Culture Media?

There are two types of blood culture media. Aerobic blood cultures are used to encourage the growth of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, while anaerobic cultures are used when only anaerobic bacteria need to be studied. 

What are the Uses of Blood Culture Media?

To Study Microorganisms 

Blood culture media is used in a clinical laboratory for diagnosis, germ identification, assessment of infection severity, treatment planning, and monitoring. Microbiologists use inoculating loops and needles and various other tools to study them. 

For Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing 

Blood culture media is also used for antibiotic susceptibility testing. Sometimes, the microorganism will be unable to grow when one or more antimicrobial drugs are added to the culture. Testing is done to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics or whether microorganisms have developed resistance to it. 

Why Choose Microbiology from Broadway Medical Supply?

Blood Culture media is a vital source of nutrients that bacteria require to grow. It can be used for multiple purposes in a clinical laboratory. Culture media can be used to isolate strains of microorganisms, identify disease-causing pathogens, prepare pure cultures of a particular microbe, and study reactions to antibiotics. Broadway Medical Supply offers both aerobic and anaerobic culture media for recovery, growth characterization, and inoculation of different types of microorganisms from clinical specimens. Broadway Medical Supply also offers high-quality sterile microbiology accessories, such as sterile inoculating loops and needles that reduce the risk of cross-contamination during inoculations.