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Reagents - Essential Clinical Tool for Precise Diagnostics

Reagents accuracy and exactness in clinical laboratories are essential in ensuring a reliable diagnostic result. Clinical laboratory depends on various instruments and consumables, including clinical analysers, calibrators, and reagents to ensure an uninterrupted functioning. Reagents offer the benefit of facilitating accurate chemical reactions in laboratory settings, contributing to diagnostic tests and research experiments. Their formulations ensure reliable results, helping with the efficiency and effectiveness of scientific investigations. Reagents often come in convenient packaging and standardized formats, simplifying laboratory workflows and reducing the likelihood of errors. It is essential to understand the critical role these reagents and other components that they play in healthcare.

Uses of Reagents

Ancillary Reagents

Ancillary reagents serve as agents in various laboratory processes, aiding in sample preparation, calibration, and quality control procedures. They help in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of diagnostic assessments.

Reagent Test Strips

Reagent test strips are rapid and convenient testing method used in various analytes, including glucose, ketones, and pH levels, among others. The reagent test strips help in point-of-care testing, home monitoring, and other areas. The strips provide quick and reliable results, facilitating timely intervention and management of medical conditions.


Microcuvettes are specially designed vessels used in spectrophotometric analysis to measure the absorbance of light by a sample. Précised instruments enable accurate quantification of analytes in clinical specimens, contributing to diagnosing and monitoring diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and renal dysfunction.

Total Bilirubin Reagent

Total bilirubin reagents are essential for quantifying bilirubin levels in serum or plasma samples. Enhanced bilirubin levels can indicate liver dysfunction or haemolytic disorders, making accurate measurement crucial for effectively diagnosing and managing these conditions.

Creatinine Reagent

Creatinine reagents are essential for determining creatinine levels in biological fluids, primarily urine and blood. Creatinine is a renal function marker, with abnormal levels indicating impaired kidney function or muscle disorders. Precise creatinine measurement is essential for assessing renal health and guiding therapeutic interventions.

Cell Dyn Emerald Cleaner

The Cell Dyn Emerald Cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution designed to maintain the integrity and performance of hematology analysers. Regular cleaning with this reagent helps prevent instrument contamination and ensures accurate cell counting and differentiation, which is crucial for diagnosing haematological disorders.

Why Choose Reagents from Broadway Medical Supply?

Reagents are important in healthcare as they help with different tasks and make sure we get accurate measurements of substances in tests. Broadway Medical Supply, reliable supplier of clinical analyser calibrators and reagents, offer various high-quality reagents to fit different needs in laboratories. Dedicated in suppling clinical laboratories with premium reagents and other medical supplies, we ensure to help achieve accuracy and precision.