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While a breast pump is a mechanical device that extracts milk from a lactating mother's breast, it is crucial in providing flexibility for mothers who may need to express breast milk for various reasons. Whether a mother is returning to work, facing challenges with breastfeeding, or seeking to share feeding responsibilities, a breast pump enables milk collection, maintaining the baby's access to valuable nutrients. A reliable and efficient breast pump ensures a comfortable and effective expression experience. Quality breast pumps are designed with features that mimic the baby's natural sucking pattern, promoting milk production and reducing discomfort for the mother. They are also crucial for maintaining milk supply, especially when breastfeeding might be challenging. Choosing a quality breast pump is an investment in both the mother's comfort and the baby's nourishment. 

Understanding the importance of top quality, comfort, and convenience, Broadway Medical Supply offers a range of the best breast pumps and kits from top brands like Lansinoh breast pump, zomee, spectra, etc. With a commitment to excellence, Broadway Medical Supply ensures that each breast pump in our range adheres to stringent quality standards, offering mothers a trusted solution for their breastfeeding journey. Explore our collection and buy breast pump online that combines efficiency, comfort, and durability, providing the support you need for a seamless breastfeeding experience. 

Types of Breast Pumps and Kits Available at Broadway Medical Supply

At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer a diverse range of breast pumps to cater to the unique needs and preferences of mothers, ensuring that they have access to the most suitable and effective pumping solutions.

Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps are hand-operated devices that rely on the user's manual effort to create suction. These pumps are typically lightweight, portable, and suitable for occasional use or situations where electricity is not available.

Manual Single Breast Pump: A single-manual breast pump is designed for expressing milk from one breast at a time. It offers manual control and is suitable for mothers who prefer a more controlled and personalized pumping experience.

Manual Double Breast Pump: The double-manual breast pump allows simultaneous pumping from both breasts. This efficient design of double breats pump enables mothers to save time while expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously.

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps operate using an electric motor, providing automatic pumping action. They are known for their efficiency and are suitable for regular or daily use.

Electric Single Breast Pump: Electric single-breast pumps operate with electric power and focus on expressing milk from one breast at a time. These pumps offer a balance between efficiency and portability, suitable for mothers who may prefer single-sided pumping.

Electric Double Breast Pump: The double electric breast pump is designed for simultaneous expression of milk from both breasts. The double electric breast pump is ideal for mothers who pump frequently, have twins, or need to maximize their milk production in less time.

Wearable or Hands Free Breast Pump

Wearable or hands free breast pumps provide the convenience of pumping without the need to hold the device. These pumps are discreet, fit inside a bra, and allow mothers to move around while expressing milk, making them suitable for multitasking.

Battery-powered Breast Pumps

Battery-powered breast pumps are designed for portability and flexibility. They can operate on battery power, offering a convenient option for mothers on the go or in situations with limited access to electricity.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Breast Pump 

Pumping Efficiency

Consider the pumping efficiency of the breast pump, which relates to its ability to effectively extract milk. Look for pumps with dual-phase technology or adjustable settings that mimic a baby's natural sucking pattern. Efficient pumps help you express more milk quickly, which can be especially important if you're pumping frequently.

Power Source

Evaluate the power source options available for the breast pump. Electric pumps typically require an electrical outlet or battery power, providing consistent suction. On the other hand, manual pumps rely on manual effort. Choose a pump with a power source that aligns with your lifestyle and the environments in which you plan to pump.


Portability is crucial, especially if you'll be using the breast pump on the go. Consider the weight and size of the pump, and check whether it comes with a carrying case. Compact and lightweight pumps with a convenient design are ideal for travel or use outside of the home.

Adjustable Suction Levels

Look for a breast pump with adjustable suction levels. Every mother is unique, and having the flexibility to customize the suction strength ensures a comfortable pumping experience. This feature is particularly important as your milk supply may vary, and you may need different suction levels at different times.

Ease Of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning is of utmost importance as it helps maintain hygiene and prevent contamination. Choose a breast pump with parts that are easy to disassemble and clean. Some pumps have dishwasher-safe components, while others require handwashing. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to ensure the pump remains in good condition and safe for use. 

Precautions to Take While Using a Breast Pump 

Follow Hygiene Practices

Adhere to strict hygiene practices by thoroughly washing your hands and ensuring that all pump components are clean and sanitized before each use.

Use The Correct Breast Shield Size

Choose the appropriate breast shield size to ensure a comfortable and effective pumping experience. Using an ill-fitting shield may cause discomfort and impact milk expression.

Avoid Overusing the Pump

While pumping is essential, avoid overusing the breast pump to prevent nipple soreness and potential damage. Follow guidelines for the frequency and duration of pumping sessions.

Store Milk Properly

Properly store expressed breast milk in clean, labeled containers or breast milk storage bags. Follow recommended guidelines for storage duration and conditions to maintain milk quality.

Check Pump Parts Regularly

Regularly inspect pump parts, including tubing, valves, and membranes, for wear, tear, or damage. Damaged parts can affect the pump's performance and may compromise hygiene.

Pay Attention to Suction Levels

Be mindful of the suction levels during pumping. Excessive suction may cause discomfort and potentially harm breast tissue. Adjust the suction to a comfortable yet effective level.

Follow a Pumping Schedule

Establish a consistent pumping schedule based on your baby's feeding patterns and your breastfeeding goals. Regular and timely pumping sessions help maintain milk supply and support lactation.

How to Use a Breast Pump  

Wash Hands

Begin by thoroughly washing your hands to ensure cleanliness and minimize the risk of contamination.

Assemble the Pump

Assemble the breast pump according to the manufacturer's instructions. This typically involves connecting tubing, attaching the breast shield, and securing any additional components.

Position Yourself

Find a comfortable and relaxed seating position. Sit up straight or recline slightly to allow for optimal milk flow.

Place The Breast Shield

Gently place the breast shield over your nipple, ensuring a proper fit. The shield should create a seal without causing discomfort.

For Manual Breast Pumps

Create Suction: Using a manual pump, start by creating suction. This often involves squeezing a lever or bulb to initiate the pumping action.

Adjust Pressure: Gradually adjust the pressure on the manual pump to a level that is comfortable yet effective for expressing milk. Experiment with different pressure levels to find what works best for you.

Continue Pumping: Engage in a proper pumping motion, maintaining a steady pace. Continue until milk flow slows down, indicating that the breast is sufficiently emptied.

For Electric Breast Pumps

Adjust Pump Settings: Turn on the electric pump and adjust settings such as speed and suction strength. Most electric pumps have customizable settings to mimic a baby's nursing pattern.

Initiate Pumping: Place the breast shield properly, initiate pumping, and allow the pump to begin expressing milk. Electric pumps typically have a "let-down" phase to stimulate milk flow before transitioning to a regular pumping rhythm.

Monitor and Relax: Monitor the pumping process. Once the milk is flowing consistently, relax and allow the pump to do its work. Consider using this time to read, listen to music, or practice relaxation techniques.

Collect Milk: Position a collection container or breast milk storage bag to collect the expressed milk. Ensure that the container is securely and effectively attached to the pump.

Turn Off and Remove: Once pumping is complete, turn off the pump and carefully remove the breast shield.

Top Breast Pumps Available at Broadway Medical Supply 

At Broadway Medical Supply, we take pride in offering a curated selection of top-notch breast pump brands. Each brand represented in our inventory is carefully chosen for its quality, innovation, and positive reviews from breastfeeding moms. When you choose a breast pump from Broadway Medical Supply, you're not just purchasing a product for infant nursing; you're investing in Nutritionals and Feeding Supplies that prioritize your comfort and breastfeeding journey.

Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Known for its commitment to breastfeeding moms, Lansinoh offers reliable and efficient breast pumps designed to enhance the breastfeeding experience. A trusted name in the industry, Broadway Medical Supply’s thoughtfully curated selection of Lansinoh breast pump is tailored for modern moms. The Lansinoh manual breast pump ensures discreet expression on the go, while the Lansinoh Signature Pro Electric Breast Pump introduces innovation with personalized settings and a hygienic closed system. For those seeking efficiency, the double electric breast pump allows simultaneous pumping. Choosing the Lansinoh breast pump from Broadway Medical Supply means investing in a brand that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and hygiene, empowering mothers on their breastfeeding journeys. 

Zomee Breast Pumps

Zomee breast pumps are widely preferred for their innovative design and user-friendly features, offering a comfortable breastfeeding experience for mothers. Renowned for its commitment to efficiency and convenience, Zomee breast pumps incorporate cutting-edge technology to make the process most comfortable and effortless. Explore the range of Zomee’s breast pump collection at Broadway Medical Supply and ensure access to reliable, effective, and thoughtful solutions for breastfeeding needs. 

Spectra Breast Pumps

Spectra breast pumps are often praised for their outstanding hospital-grade performance, setting a standard for efficient milk expression and user comfort. Known and preferred for their precision and reliability, Spectra breast pumps utilize innovative technology to mimic the natural breastfeeding process, providing mothers with a comfortable and effective solution. Broadway Medical Supply features a range of spectra breast pumps, allowing mothers to access top-tier performance and comfort for the breastfeeding journey. 

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for a Breast Pump  

We at Broadway Medical Supply are committed to providing the highest quality medical equipment, including a range of nutrition and feeding supplies, including a thoughtful selection of breast pumps, ensuring that mothers receive products that prioritize performance and comfort. We understand that each mother’s journey is unique, and thus, our range of selection from top brands like Lansinoh, Zomee, Spectra, Alyssa, Ameda, Duo, Opera, Sonata, Freestyle, Calypso Essentials, etc., features products that suit specific needs. Our customer-centric approach and robust commitment to quality make Broadway Medical Supply the ideal partner for mothers seeking the best breast pump solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is It Good to Use an Electric Breast Pump?

Electric breast pumps are generally effective and convenient for mothers who frequently need to express milk regularly, typically to establish a milk supply. They offer adjustable settings for suction strength and speed, making them efficient and comfortable for many users. However, the choice between electric and manual pumps depends on individual preferences and needs. 

2. How Often Should I Use a Breast Pump?

The frequency of pumping ideally depends on various factors, including your baby’s feeding pattern, milk supply goals, and personal comfort. Many mothers pump between breastfeeding sessions or replace breastfeeding sessions with pumping. For those exclusively pumping, maintaining a schedule similar to a baby’s feeding pattern is recommended. 

3. How Do I Clean and Maintain a Breast Pump?

Cleaning and maintaining a breast pump are crucial for hygiene and optimal performance. After each use, disassemble the pump and clean all parts that come in contact with milk. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning. Regularly inspect the pump for signs of wear and replace any worn-out parts. Keep in mind that different pumps may have specific cleaning requirements.

4. Can I Use a Breast Pump While Breastfeeding?

Yes, using a breast pump while breastfeeding is common and can be beneficial. Pumping can help build and maintain milk supply and provide milk for bottle feeding. Many mothers pump after breastfeeding sessions to store milk or create a supply for when they are away from their baby.

5. Are There Any Tips for Using a Breast Pump Comfortably?

Ensure proper flange fit to avoid discomfort.

Find a quiet and comfortable space for pumping.

Use massage or warm compresses before pumping to encourage milk flow.

Stay relaxed and try to mimic your baby's natural feeding rhythm.

Experiment with different pump settings to find what feels most comfortable and effective for you.