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Instrument Solutions for Infection Control Within Healthcare Settings  

Instrument solutions ensure the sterility of the various instruments utilized in the medical field. Improper cleaning of instruments such as bandage scissors, scalpels, and skin markers can lead to infections, tissue damage, and various other complications for patients and health workers. It can even cause medical equipment to corrode, thereby driving up replacement costs. Using instrument solutions ensures a clean and sterile environment, ensuring patient and medical staff safety. 

Types and Applications of Instrument Solutions  

1. Enzymatic Instrument Detergent 

Enzymatic instrument detergents are used in healthcare settings to clean and de-contaminate medical devices and their accessories. They contain enzymes such as protease, lipase and amylase that break down insoluble molecules, blood, fatty deposits, oils and starches into water-soluble particles, facilitating easy removal. Enzymatic instrument detergents are not recommended for ophthalmic instruments as they can cause blindness and eye injuries in patients.  

2. Instrument Detergent 

pH neutral instrument detergents are neither acidic nor alkaline cleaning solutions. They contain specialized surfactants that are highly effective in removing soils from medical instruments. Neutral detergents are generally used during automated cleaning after enzymatic cleaning procedures.  

How To Clean Medical Instruments  

  • Dampen: After the surgical procedure is done, dampen all the utilized instruments with a wet towel or soft cloth to prevent the blood and other debris from solidifying.  
  • Rinse: Place the instrument in an enzymatic instrument detergent with Ph neutral or sterile water.  
  • Disinfect: Prepare a cleaning solution with approved disinfectants and soak the instruments for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Rinse: After disinfection, rinse the instruments again to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.  
  • Sterilize: Use a steam sterilizer or autoclave machine to kill all the germs present on the instruments.   
  • Rinse: Rinse the instruments one final time to remove all the chemicals from previous cleaning processes.  
  • Dry: Remember to dry the instruments, or they might get rusted and corroded once stored. You can either leave them in an open, controlled area or use a lint towel that will absorb all the moisture.  

Why Choose Instrument Solutions from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Cleaning of medical equipment is necessary for the reusability of medical instruments. Soiled or contaminated instruments can put healthcare professionals and patients at a serious risk of developing infections, some of which can even be life-threatening. That is why it is essential that high-quality detergents are used to clean medical equipment.  

Broadway Medical Supply offers different types of enzymatic and pH-neutral instrument detergents suitable for use in automated and manual cleaning systems. They are made from highly effective formulas that quickly remove every trace of contaminants. Apart from instrument detergent, Broadway Medical Supplies also provides multi-enzymatic cleaners and solutions for quick disinfection, especially in situations where there is likely to be a quick turnaround in surgeries.