Face Shield, Face Masks and Face Protection from Covid, Dust and Germs

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Buy Face Shield Mask

With changing environmental conditions and increasing risk of health diseases, taking precautionary measures to prevent health issues is crucial. Face shields work as a protective barrier between your face and the airborne particles, dust, splashes, and other harmful particles. Broadway Medical Supply offers face shields, protective sleeves, lab coats, surgical head covers, and other protective apparel. The quality approach towards designing every product is reliable, top-notch, and meets the industry standards required for providing absolute protection to the user.

Uses of Face Shield Mask

  • Infection Control
    The eyes, nose, and mouth are the first and direct sources of infections to enter your body. A face shield creates a barrier around your face, which stops harmful bacteria from coming in direct contact with your face, controlling the chance of infections. Certain face shields come with lead-impregnated features, providing the highest defense mechanism against infections.
  • Covers Entire Face
    A face shield mask fits over your head and protects your entire face. It’s a great way to protect your eyes and mouth from hazardous splashes and liquid exposure. Though it covers the entire face, it is not a mask substitute. Face shields and face masks together will help create complete protection from minute bacteria or fluids around you.
  • Provides Ventilation
    The most considerable flex of using a face shield is its ventilation feature. As it sits around the forehead, it provides ample space for ventilation. When used with face masks, the slight air crossing ensures no fog, and you get a clear vision while using the face shield.
  • Added Protection From COVID
    Face shields are not limited to medical use only. While they are great protection for doctors and nurses while serving patients, they are helpful for non-medical purposes, especially with COVID. With the increasing threat of coronavirus spreading in the air again, the face shield is useful for everyone for added security.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Face Protection Shield

1. Features Of Face Shield

When you buy a face shield, you must consider the protective gear’s features. It must have anti-fog and anti-splash features to ensure that it doesn’t hamper your vision and prevents direct contact with fluids. Other than that, it should have a good grip that ensures it stays in place.

2. Coverage

There are two basic types of coverage a face shield provides. Medium and full-length face shields are most commonly used based on the purpose. A medium coverage reaches your chin, whereas a full coverage face shield covers the neck.

3. Purpose Of Using Face Shields

Whether using a shield during surgeries or regular patient checkups helps decide the type to use. Other than that, if you need protection from sun, COVID, dust, germs, etc., it adds to the purpose of using a face shield for non-medical use.

4. Material

Generally, a face shield is an acrylic plastic material. There are hard and soft acrylic face shield masks. The soft acrylic ones are disposable and serve basic protection only. Hard acrylic ones mostly have other features incorporated to offer complete protection.

5. Durability

A major factor of face shields is their durability. There are reusable and disposable face shields that serve different requirements. For a doctor, a disposable face shield is best, especially when in contact with body fluids. A reusable face shield is beneficial for a common person who needs protection from airborne diseases.

6. Protection Type

Depending on the need, different face shields protect various types of hazardous and harmful substances around the user. A few protection factors you must consider before you buy a face shield are:

  • Lead Impregnated
  • Cryo Protection
  • Chemical resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Retractable splash guard

Using face shields along with surgical gowns during hospital procedures adds complete protection.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Face Shields

When getting yourself protected, you must contain all factors, be it features or quality of the protective gear. Broadway Medical Supply is a leading supplier of all your medical needs, from mobility devices to protection gears. The focus is solely on delivering effective solutions and meeting the demands of all your medical needs without compromising an inch on quality. Every face protection shield manufactured goes through a quality check process to ensure different individuals' desired standards for use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Does a Face Shield Mask Differ from a Regular Face Mask?

    Face shields and face masks are two different products that focus on serving the same purpose of protecting from airborne particles. Face shields have the added benefits of protecting the user from fluid splashes and covering the entire face compared to face mask, which focuses on covering the nose and mouth only.
  • Are Face Shield Masks Reusable?

    Yes, Broadway Medical Supply offers both reusable and disposable face shield masks. Different features are available in reusable and disposable face shields. You can choose the best fit depending on your needs.
  • Do Face Shields Have Adjustable Straps for a Secure Fit?

    Broadway Medical Supply has a variety of face shields available at their online and offline store that have adjustable straps for a secure fit. The quality ensures a good grip and provides complete protection from health-threatening harmful particles.
  • Are Face Shields Fog-resistant?

    A major feature of face shields available at Broadway Medical Supply is their fog-resistant feature. There is ample space for proper ventilation, ensuring no fog formation on the face shield. This adds to better performance while using face shield masks.