Lubricating Gels

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Lubricating Gels to Reduce Friction During Invasive Medical Procedures 

Alubricating gel is a sterile water-based solution used along with pharmaceuticals to ensure patient comfort and safety during surgical procedures. It works by reducing friction when medical devices are inserted into body orifices. Besides this, lubricating gel helps reduce tissue damage, help relieve urinary tract infections, and treat ocular injuries with its unique properties. Its high viscosity helps in creating a smooth and effective barrier when used for different purposes.

Types and Applications of Lubricating Gels 

1. Lubricating Jelly

A lubricating jelly is a sterile water-soluble lubricant used by doctors and nurses during medical procedures that require the insertion of catheters, scopes, rectal thermometers, enemas, douches and other similar types of nozzles. They ensure that patients experience minimal discomfort during such procedures. 

2. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, is a thick waxy paste used in the medical field as a lubricant for medical devices like thermometers. It is also used for several other purposes, such as wound care, nasal care, skin protection and for preventing skin ailments like eczema, dry skin and bedsores. It is a common form of lubrication used by people to combat dryness and provide skin with hydration. 

3. Personal Lubricant

Personal lubricant helps in daily use for the patient. It works by providing relief from slight burning, itching, wound, and many other small day-to-day concerns. These lubricants available at pharmaceuticals do not contain anyartificial colouring, sulphates, hormones, parabens and fragrances, making it safe for use. 

How to Choose the Right Lubricating Gel?

When purchasing medical equipment, it is important to consider the formulation to ensure you are using the appropriate lubricant for your procedure. Irrespective of which lubricant product you choose, ensure it is water soluble, sterile, bacteriostatic and latex-free. Avoid lubricants that contain carbomers, CHG, parabens and glycerine as they can harm your health and the environment. 

Why Choose Lubricating Gels from Broadway Medical Supply?

Lubricating gels are vital in instrument care as they reduce friction, wear and tear, and prevent corrosion. They are also utilized to ensure medical instruments work smoothly and do not fail during critical surgical procedures. Another common use of a lubricating gel is to protect instruments from moisture, chemicals and contaminants and protect your skin from common ailments. Broadway Medical Supply offers different types of lubricating gels for various purposes including medical and personal. These gels have a high viscosity for easy application and made from skin-friendly ingredients that minimize patient discomfort. Among our wide range of products, you will also find pharmaceuticalsupplies like pain relief medications, antiseptic lotions, and other medications that can treat minor injuries and provide first-aid during medical emergencies.