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Incontinence Products for Urinary Support

Incontinence products like underpants, liners, adult briefs, etc., are made to ensure patients experience a comfortable and dignified lifestyle. Incontinence is a common medical condition that often makes the patient feel sensitive and embarrassed. To allow them to live an independent life without avoiding social situations, using protective undergarments is a must. Depending on the severity and need, there are multiple incontinence products that can be explored to find the perfect fit.

What are the Types of Incontinence Products Needed for Patient Care?

Pediatric Diapers and Training Pants

Focusing on newborns and young kids, pediatric diapers and training pants are a must. The pediatric diapers help absorb urine while protecting against leaks and skin irritation. The training pants are designed to help develop bathroom training for your child. The emphasis is on creating a sense of normalcy for kids while addressing their unique needs.

Adult Briefs and Protective Undergarments

Adults who face uncontrolled urine problems or incontinence often feel ashamed because of leaking urine. Adult briefs are a comfortable option that is easy to wear and can be adjusted at the waist. Protective undergarments work as regular underwear while offering a good absorption feature.

Incontinence Liners and Pads

Using liners and pads is a perfect solution to manage light to moderate incontinence problems. Incontinence pads and liners are similar in the way they are used but offer different absorption levels. You can use incontinence liners for light incontinence problems, whereas use pads for moderate issues.


Underpads are essential for incontinence care to protect bedding and furniture from potential leaks. These are highly absorbent and offer a waterproof backing, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep for the patient. Underpads even help maintain cleanliness and hygiene for patients and their surroundings.

Incontinence Pants

When liners, pads, and briefs are not comfortable, using incontinence pants is the best option to choose. It is an especially great product for older adults as it doesn’t require any specific method to wear. Use it like regular underwear and get rid of any leakages or incontinence embarrassment with its good absorption feature.

Why Choose Incontinence Products from Broadway Medical Supply?

Incontinence is an issue that is not just related to bladder problems but is an age-related factor, too. Catering to the right products can help bring ease to the user and the caregivers. Pediatric diapers for kids and adult briefs, liners, and pants for grown up individuals are ideally the best option. Broadway Medical Supply has a wide range of incontinence products that fit every individual's needs. There are other hospitals and at-home ranges of medical supplies that can help cater to a better patient experience.