Rollator Walker: Adjustable Height 3 Wheel, 4 Wheel Rollator Walker for Ease of Movement

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Buy A Rollator Walker at the Best Price

As one of the leading medical aid providers, Broadway medical supply offers reliable and top-quality mobility aids. Broadway Medical Supply commits to providing medical mobility equipment that enhances mobility and elevates daily life experience by offering comfortable and versatile rollator walkers. 

Also known as wheeled walkers, the rollators provide more support than most mobility aid equipment. They enable stable support allowing the user to sit comfortably on the seat provided. Broadway medical supply's comprehensive range of mobility aids includes transport chairs, wheelchairs, scooters, etc. From wheeled support to aids that help with encouraging stability while walking, Broadway Medical Supply's offering also include canes, crutches, walkers, etc. Associated with top companies renowned for their quality offerings, rollator walkers by Broadway medical supply are designed to cater to individuals' unique needs and preferences. Whether you seek stability, support, or a comfortable seat on the go, the rollator walker with a chair by Broadway Medical Supply offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. 

Features of a Rollator Walker 

Understanding the importance of quality and comfortable design, our rollator walker has exceptional features to enhance the everyday experience. 

1. Robust Construction

Crafted with durability in mind, our range of rollator walkers, including 3-wheel rollators and 4-wheel rollator walkers, are specifically built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The robust construction ensures stability and provides a reliable foundation for lasting support. Whether you are strolling through city streets, navigating uneven surfaces, or enjoying outdoor adventures, our rollator walkers offer unwavering assistance and peace of mind. The sturdy build guarantees that your mobility aid remains a steadfast companion, allowing you to continue your routine lifestyle confidently. 

2. Adjustable Height

Personalized comfort takes center stage with our precisely designed rollator walker with seat. Our adjustable height rollator assures of convenient experience catering to your individual needs. Regardless of the physique, find the perfect size to match your posture and walking style effortlessly. This level of customization enhances your comfort and ensures that the adjustable height rollator is more like an extension of the body, allowing easy movements. 

3. Foldable Design

Incorporating practicality and convenience principles, our 3-wheel rollator and 4-wheel rollator feature a foldable design mechanism. This innovative feature allows seamless folding, transforming the mobility aid into a compact equipment that fits effortlessly into your routine lifestyle. Whether you are storing it at home or taking it along during travels, the foldable design of the adjustable height rollator ensures that it becomes an integral part of your routine. With the rollator walker that suits your needs, embrace the freedom of movement without the constraints of bulkiness. 

4. Built-in Seat

Enhance your mobility experience with the thoughtfully incorporated built-in seat. This comfortable and sturdy addition transforms your rollator walker into more than just a walking aid. It becomes a versatile companion for moments to rest. Whether you want to pause while enjoying nature, take a breather during your journey, or engage in a friendly conversation, the built-in seat provides a reliable comfort spot. Aiming to enhance your mobility and quality of life, we assure you of a rollator walker with a seat that quickly improves your lifestyle. 

5. Wheels for Mobility

The ambulatory equipment equipped with wheels Allows the users to navigate through environments with different terrain seamlessly. The innovative design of these wheels ensures smooth and effortless movement, allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle innovations. Whether you are exploring through crowded spaces, bustling sidewalks, or even challenging terrains, the swivel wheels on the rollator walker provide the agility and flexibility you need to move confidently. 

6. Hand Brakes

Safety and control are the top priority; our rollator walkers include reliable hand brakes. The intuitive braking system empowers you to manage your pace and movement, enhancing stability and ensuring a secure journey. Stopping and starting at your discretion allows you to confidently explore your surroundings, knowing you have complete command over the mobility aid. 

Types Of Rollator Walkers Available at Broadway Medical 

As one of the most reliable medical aid and supply providers, Broadway medical supply offers a range of rollator walkers, each tailored to specific preferences and needs: 

Four-Wheel Rollators 

With our exceptional range of four-wheel rollators, we experience a new level of stability and support. Designed to provide unmatched assistance, these rollator walkers are the perfect mobility solution for individuals seeking a secure ambulatory aid. The 4-wheel configuration offers a sturdy and reliable base, allowing confident and easy movements across various surfaces. Whether strolling through a park, exploring a bustling market, or navigating through your daily routine, our 4-wheel rollator ensures that every step is taken with assurance. 

In addition to their steadfast stability, our 4-wheel rollator prioritizes your comfort; a spacious seat transforms these mobility aids into versatile companions. Take a moment to rest whenever you desire, enjoying the convenience of a reliable seat that enhances your mobility experience. With a sturdy base, comfortable seating, and robust mobility, our 4-wheel rollator encourages a new day with renewed confidence and independence. 

Three-Wheel Rollators

Incorporating agility and practicality, our range of 3-wheel rollators is tailored for individuals who require nimble movement. These rollator walkers have innovative designs, providing the perfect balance between flexibility, mobility, and functionality. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the 3-wheel rollator helps navigate tight spaces and bustling environments with less hassle. 

The compact and streamlined design of our 3-wheel rollator allows you to glide through various settings effortlessly. The advanced mobility ensures you can easily stroll through doorways, navigate curbs and continue the routine lifestyle with more independence. With every step, you experience the freedom to explore the surroundings with more agility and ease. Whether you are seeking convenience in your daily routine or looking for an outdoor adventure, our 3-wheel rollator by renowned mobility providers works like a perfect companion, providing you with the tools to move effortlessly and enjoy every moment. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying Rollator Walker 

Before selecting the ideal rollator walker, consider the following factors to make an informed choice: 

Mobility Needs: Determine whether the rollator walker will primarily be used indoors, outdoors, or both, ensuring it aligns with your intended usage.

Comfort and Seating: Evaluate the cushioning, seat width, and adjustability to ensure a comfortable fit that caters to your preferences.

Portability: If you require frequent transportation, opt for a foldable design for easy storage and transport.

Weight Capacity: Choose a rollator walker that comfortably accommodates your weight, ensuring safety and preventing strain.

Manoeuvrable: Assess the rollator walker's turning radius and ease of use in different environments for seamless navigation.

Braking System: Prioritize safety with reliable hand brakes that provide secure stops and prevent accidents during use.


Benefits Of Buying Rollator Walker

Experience a host of benefits with our rollator walkers that redefine mobility and enhance your daily life: 

Enhanced Independence: Witness a newfound sense of independence and freedom as you confidently move with the support of a rollator walker.

Comfort and Stability: Enjoy the convenience of a built-in seat and the stability offered by sturdy construction and reliable brakes.

Versatility: Our range of rollator walkers caters to various needs, ensuring a tailored fit for everyone's unique requirements.

Improved Quality of Life: Enhance your daily experiences with a rollator walker that enhances convenience, mobility, and activity participation.

Easy Navigation: With top-level mobility, explore different spaces easily, promoting inclusivity and equal access for all.

Long-Term Investment: Broadway Medical Supply rollator walkers are designed for durability, providing a reliable and functional mobility solution for the long term.

Why Choose Broadway Medical for Rollator Walker

Associated with top mobility aid manufacturers, Broadway Medical Supply assures of providing world-class mobility equipment that focuses on enhancing everyday experience. Standing as a trusted name in the domain, Broadway Medical Supply commits to excellence and customer satisfaction with each rollator walker. Incorporating the convenience of a walker with added stability, our adjustable height rollator is a reliable choice for your mobility needs. From 3-wheel rollators to 4-wheel rollators, our range of rollator walkers caters to diverse preferences and requirements. Alongside our dedication to delivering top-notch rollator walkers that assure quality experience, we also offer an array of essential equipment that caters to different mobility requirements. 

Support your recovery process or encourage next-level freedom with our range of mobility aids, including transport chairs, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, etc. With Broadway Medical Supply, you can access a comprehensive and inclusive range of solutions that ensure the utmost flexibility, comfort, and freedom of movement in your everyday routine. 




Price Range

$70 to $485

User Weight Capacity Range

250 lbs. to 500 lbs.

Handle Height Range

28 and 41 inches

Number of Wheels

3 Wheels and 4 Wheels

Frame Style


Frame Material

Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Fiber


Yes, Removable

Hand Brakes


Built-in Seat


Adjustable Backrest



 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can You Adjust the Seat Height on a Rollator Walker?

Our rollator walkers are designed with your comfort in mind; thus, many models offer adjustable seat height features. This allows you to personalize the walker to your preferred level, ensuring optimal comfort and ease of use. The height-adjustable seat feature ensures that the rollator walker fits your unique stature, promoting proper posture and enhancing your overall mobility experience. 

2. Can I Use a Rollator Walker Indoors and Outdoors?

Absolutely! One of the exceptional advantages of our rollator walker is its versatility. Whether you are navigating through indoor spaces or venturing outdoors, our rollator walkers are engineered to provide seamless mobility. The robust construction, wheels, and thoughtful design make it easy to use indoors and outdoors confidently and efficiently. 

3. Are Rollator Walkers Foldable for Transport?

Most of our rollator walkers feature a foldable design, adding to their convenience and practicality. The innovative foldable mechanism ensures that your rollator walker can be effortlessly compacted, making it easy to store and transport. 

4. How Does a Rollator Walker Differ from a Regular Walker?

Rollator walkers and regular walkers, as ambulatory equipment, serve similar purposes. However, these mobility equipment are different in design and functionality. While regular walkers have two front legs and may require lifting for movement, rollator walkers typically feature wheels, providing enhanced stability and unrestricted mobility. With an in-built seat, the rollator walkers offer support and stability. The choice between the two depends on the needs, mobility requirements, and suitable preferences.