Incubators and Accessories

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Incubators Accessories - Ideal Products for Use in Clinical Laboratories

The incubator accessories are essential for facilitating controlled environments, especially in clinical field. These incubators are the common place where cells, microorganisms, and biochemical reactions thrive under specifically regulated conditions of temperature, humidity, and gas composition, playing an essential role in cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology. Alongside this laboratory equipment, many types of incubator accessories and kits further enhance the functions of a clinical laboratory, offering solutions to optimize workflow efficiency and ensure the integrity of experimental conditions.

Types of Incubators Accessories

1. SCBI Incubator Kits

Simplify the setup and maintenance of your incubators with our comprehensive kits, which include essential components such as calibration tools, cleaning supplies, and spare parts. This kit has everything you need to monitor steam sterilization processes, including a notebook and an educational CD-ROM 

2. CO2 Incubators

These specialized units maintain precise carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and humidity, creating an ideal environment for cell culture and microbiological research. The selection includes a variety of incubators equipped with features such as advanced airflow systems and interfaces for easy operation. 

3. Shaking Incubators

Designed for applications requiring agitation, shaking incubators facilitate cell growth, bacterial cultures, and biochemical reactions. Shaking incubators come with adjustable speed and temperature settings, ensuring optimal conditions for your experiments. 

4. Refrigerated Incubators

Refrigerated incubators provide a controlled environment for enzyme reactions, DNA sequencing, and more.

5. Accessories for Incubators

Enhance the functionality of your incubators with different accessories, including shelves, racks, and trays that are customized to fit various incubator models. These accessories optimize space utilization and facilitate organized storage of samples and culture vessels. 

Why Choose Incubators and Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Incubators are crucial in maintaining optimal conditions for various scientific experiments and processes. To maximize these incubators' efficiency and functionality, appropriate incubator accessories and kits are mandatory. At Broadway Medical Supply, we understand the importance of reliable incubator kits and accessories in the clinical laboratory setting and focus to cater all your requirements. Our diverse range of products can fulfill the needs of researchers, providing innovative solutions for cell culture, microbiology, and beyond.