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Protective Goggles: An Effective Shield Against Splash Exposure  

Protective goggles are a piece of personal protective equipment that is a must have in healthcare sectors. Along with gloves, medical gowns, and surgical masks and other apparel, they too play an important role in in infection control within healthcare settings. When an infected patient coughs of sneezes, the respiratory droplets might contaminate the mucous membrane in the eyes of healthcare workers. That's where medical goggles have a role to play. By fitting snuggly around the eyes, they prevent contaminated substances from entering the eye. Being lightweight, they are easy and comfortable to wear.  

What Are the Different Uses of Protective Goggles in Healthcare Settings

For Protection Against Radiation

During their day-to-day activities as healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses and hospital staff face health hazards not only from exposure to pathogens and bacteria but also from radiations like microwaves, radio waves, x rays, gamma rays and UV rays. Even short-term exposure to these radiations can cause vision problems. By using protective goggles, they can protect their eyes from these harmful radiations.

For Protection Against Splashes and Splatter

While regular eyewear might offer some level of protection against splashes and splatters, they don't offer the protection that protective goggles do. Unlike regular goggles, a protective goggle has a side shield that prevents splashes from entering the eyes through the side. In addition, they also have a top shield that protects the area between the brow bone and the top frame of the glasses.

By Offering Fog Resistance

Clear vision is paramount during treatment, especially for surgeons. Removing glasses during treatment for de-fogging might lead to chemical, bacterial, or radiation exposure. Protective goggles have an anti-fog coating that ensures surgeons focus on surgical procedures without worrying about their eyewear fogging up.

To Ensure Patient Comfort

Protective goggles can also be used to ensure patient comfort. Post-mydriatic glasses provide UV protection to patients who have been dilated during examinations. They have flexible temples and a durable design for greater patient compliance.

Why Choose Protective Goggles from Broadway Medical Supply?  

In healthcare settings, glasses and goggles serve as a frontline defence against hazards such as chemical splashes, flying debris, radiation, and infectious droplets, thereby ensuring the safety of healthcare workers. Broadway Medical Supply offers a range of protective goggles that ensure healthcare workers treat patients to the best of their ability without worrying about contracting illnesses. Besides protective goggles, Broadway Medical Supply also offers PPE apparel, such as Chemotherapy procedure gowns, masks, face shields, and protective leg and arm sleeves, to ensure complete protection.