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Microscope Slides for Accuracy During Specimen Examination 

The microscope slide is a thin, flat, rectangular slide made up of glass or plastic material which comes under laboratory glassware and plasticware. They are essential clinical laboratory tools in biology, medicine, and microbiology. Pathologists commonly use the slide to provide a platform for viewing and examining the cells, microorganisms, and specimen samples under a microscope, which the naked eye cannot see. 

The microscope glass slides are extensively used by researchers, science students, and healthcare professionals daily. The sample is placed on the slide either by using a mounting medium or a cover slip, which helps protect the specimen sample while providing a flat surface for microscopy. 

Different Kinds of Microscope Slides

1. Glass Slides

The glass slides are made from superior quality, clear material with a smooth surface. The glass slide is transparent, allowing the light to pass from it for smooth observation under a microscope. Pathologists suitably use glass slides for observing specimens, blood smears, and microorganisms. 

2. Prepared Slides

As the name suggests, the prepared slides have pre-made specimens mounted and preserved for observation under a microscope. These slides are mostly used for educational purposes at schools, colleges, and universities.

Different Types of Microscope Slides 

1. Charged Microscope Slide

The charged microscope slides are made to promote better tissue adhesion during the slide preparation. These slides are widely used in various laboratories like histology and cytology, wherein thin sections of tissues or cell samples are mounted to the slides so that the pathologists can examine the cells. 

2. Plain Microscope Slides

These slides are the primary type of slides wherein the specimens are mounted for microscopic observation. The plain microscopic slides are made from glass, which has a smooth surface. These slides are widely used in various departments for microscopy. Pathologists use these plain microscope slides to observe various specimens, such as microorganisms, plant tissues, animal tissues, etc. 

3. Urinalysis Microscope slide

The urinalysis microscope slide is designed to diagnose the urine specimens of the patients under a microscope. Clinical laboratories use these slides to diagnose UTIs, kidney diseases, and other metabolic conditions. The Urinalysis Microscope slide helps the pathologist identify red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells, and any bacteria present in the specimens of the individuals. 

Why ChooseMicroscopeGlassSlides from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Microscopic slides play a huge role in clinical laboratory for preparing and diagnosing specimen samples under a microscope. Different types of microscopic slides are designed for different requirements. Each type of slide comes with its own advantages for ease and efficiency to work. It is essential to use a superior-quality microscopic slide for proper examination. 

At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find high-quality charged microscope slides and microscope glass slides made from premium glass, which helps enhance the quality of specimen sample examination. Apart from glass slides, we also have Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware, namely tubes, pipettes, vials, petri dishes, and microplates, all under one roof.